Wow. It’s bad enough we live in a country where police kill an average of at least three people every single day, a figure that has risen since last year.

It’s bad enough we live in a country where, despite the fact that the government collects every piece of data on us it possibly can, somehow the authorities just now got around to deciding to create a database on people who are killed by cops.

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It’s sad enough we live in a country where schools have been locked down over Nerf guns, and kids like Tamir Rice have been shot dead in seconds for playing with a toy gun in a park.

But on top of the police state of affairs in modern America, this is just utterly disgusting and despicable behavior coming from another one of those guys with the costume, badge, and gun who is supposed to be protecting and serving the public.

Mobile Patrol Officer Matt Cicero, who works at the school district Tamir Rice attended, took to Facebook to tell off Tamir’s mother because she “just want money” and also educate her on what she can do to be a better mommy with stellar commentary including “raise your kids not to play with fake guns stupid bitch”.


Because people who become cops never, ever play with toy guns as a child.

It’s bad enough her child is dead and died the way he did.

If you’ll recall, in the Rice case the cop jumped out of the car and shot Tamir dead in less than two seconds before the kid even had a chance to respond to police demands that he drop his toy gun, and that was after the caller who made the initial 911 call informed the dispatcher not once, but twice that Tamir might be a kid and the gun might be just a toy.

The saddest part is that by his own comments Officer Cicero, who has been given a paid vacation for his commentary (but will, of course, get to keep his job policing the school district even though he seems to have no problem with publicly mocking the mothers of murdered children), typifies the police state executioner cop that dominates headlines these days… a trigger happy moron who appears to have no problem at all killing people and even kids first and asking questions later.

(Hat Tip: Free Thought Project)

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