Want to build your own life back on the land, instead of keeping pace in this insane society headed for implosion?

There are lots of things that you’ll have to learn the hard way in order to go off grid.

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The path is not easy, but that’s no reason not to get started, and move forward on your ultimate plan to live more independently.

This off-grid couple, at Fouch-o-matic Off Grid, had to relearn some of the basics to figure out how to live an alternative lifestyle without losing their minds, or facing impossible, labor intensive tasks.

Here are a few tips from those who’ve learned by trial, error and experience.

1) Solar power is worth it

2) Plants won’t grow without (good) soil, and you best be adding some organic material to your soil in order to enrich it.

3) Water runs downhill… a source of water that is already elevated can feed pressured water to your dwelling – gravity can work in your favor.

4) Carrying water is grueling and “demoralizing” work… figure out plumbing any way you can.

5) Batteries run out, and LED lights can save a lot of energy when you need it the most; your usage will have to adapt to the available capacity.

6) Bears, etc.  are attracted to trash and food waste. Plans must include strategies to keep away dangerous animals that could attack your family or pets.

7) Splitting firewood requires lots of tedious work.

8) The couple’s yurt was very well insulated in the cold winter, but was very hot during summer, and needed additional ventilation

9) Temporary is longer than you think – so plan accordingly, and allow for the possibility of “dealing” for much longer than you anticipated or hoped.

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10) You can do things you didn’t know you could do.

Not only did these homesteaders find that they had to humble themselves to frequently learning new things, but they discovered that many of the things they needed to learn are strikingly simple.

So simple, it’s like they should have thought of it already. But you don’t know what you don’t know!

So try, and persist until you’ve made it and your dream of dropping out of the modern world for a better life can succeed.

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