The stories come in a seemingly endless stream. Cologne, Zurich, Helskinki, as well as Sweden and now Paris. These girls don’t identify who was attacking them, but the same thing happening in so many cities at the same time speaks to a coordinated assault. Yet the answer from European leaders is always “More migrants.” When will this treasonous insanity end?

“More shocking NYE sex attacks: Gang of men grope and rip clothes off British teen in Paris,” by Selina Sykes, Express, January 14, 2016:

A British teen has revealed she was sexually assaulted in Paris on New Year’s Eve

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The shocking revelation comes as tensions in Europe continue to rise over a wave of attacks against women, including scores being groped, robbed and even raped across Germany.

Today, two teenagers from the UK have revealed they were harassed and attacked by groups of men during new year celebrations in the French capital.

Klaudia Fior and Kamali Brown, both 18, told how they were groped and sexually assaulted by men in a large crowd around the Eiffel Tower in centre of Paris.

The pair have both waived their anonymity to come forward about the assault.

The two girls were dancing at around 1am when a group of men started to touch them both.

Ms Fior said: “Men started touching us in places we found quite inappropriate places.

“The police did come up to us and asked if there was anything we wanted them to do but because they weren’t able to communicate with us in English they just dismissed it and walked off.”

She added: “There were loads of men behind us manoeuvring their hands through people in order to get to us.”

The pair said they were “angry” and “frustrated” by the incident but joined the centre of a crowd of people and continued to dance.

It was then Ms Fior was forced to the ground and grotesquely sexually assaulted by a group of men who “ripped” off her clothes.

She said: “Within a spilt [sic] second a man had groped my bum and I turned around to see who it was to tell him to stop and that’s when all the men attacked me and made me fall to the floor.

“They grabbed my clothes and completely ripped them apart. I was sitting butt naked on the floor. I had a unitard on so once they ripped one part of it the whole thing just came apart.

“Then they started grabbing areas of my body and then they snapped my chains off and that’s when they started penetrating me with their hands.

“I was under so much shock.”

Ms Fior tried to get up but was pushed back down and curled herself up into a ball on the ground to protect herself.

She said: “I tried to get up but every time I tried to get up someone pushed me down.”

“It only lasted for two or three minutes but it felt like it was going on forever. I felt completely powerless, like I couldn’t do anything to get myself out of the situation.”

Klaudia added: “After a while you can hear me screaming and Kamali tried to get through but obviously it wasn’t that easy. As much as there was five or six men on top of me there were another 50 surrounding us.”

Ms Brown said: “She fell in front of me but I could see her. There were so many men on top of her.”

“There were five or six but there were still so many men trying to get in on it. I just felt so helpless. She was just on the floor.”

She added: “The worst thing was there were so many people on top of her and I couldn’t get to her. None of them would come off her. None of them would acknowledge they had done something wrong.

“It was so painful to watch her in tears. I hated it, I hated all of it.”

The girls said a group of around seven men continued to follow them after they managed to flee the scene.

They then rang the police from a restaurant and were taken to a station to report the assault.

A spokesperson from Paris police has confirmed to Express.co.uk that the incident was reported and an inquiry has been launched.

The assault has not been linked to the wave of attacks against women largely by migrants in Germany on New Year’s Eve.

However, speculation over whether the night of sexual assaults in Germany was co-ordinated across Europe has emerged after similar incidents have been reported in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Finland.

Women’s defence groups in France have said no spike in sexual assaults was recorded on New Year’s Eve.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.