Via Vice News/YouTube

Bubba system backed Sheriff Dave Ward violates Constitution in effort to aid Russian Uranium mining operation on area ranch-lands

Via Vice News/YouTube
Via Vice News/YouTube

Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub

BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — Ammon Bundy and his supporters left the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Friday, along with a group of reporters, to attend a scheduled meeting with the FBI at the Burns Airport. However, the FBI lied to Bundy and failed to uphold their promise from the previous day, sparking the group to go confront Sheriff Dave Ward at the police H.Q. in town.

The entire incident, which followed a broken promise, took place on a cold, windy, ice-covered, street and was captured on video.

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Ammon and members of his team arrived in true patriot fashion. Ammon was sporting a real nice suede cowboy hat that matched the plaid, swede shoulder, shirt he was wearing. A pocket constitution was carefully tucked away in his left upper breast pocket.

Ammon’s point of the visit was to ascertain whether or not the FBI was operating in the county under permission from the Sheriff.

“I hope to find out where the Sheriff’s position is on this,” Ammon told a reporter, just before a random passerby said aloud, “his is my town–you people get the hell out of here.”

As Ammon and his group approached, heavily armed law enforcement took a defensive stance.

Seconds later an undersheriff of Ward’s, Lieutenant Deputy Brian Needham, along with Malheur County Sheriff Brian E. Wolfe, and Wheeler County Sheriff  Chris Humphreys, approached Bundy and his people in representation of the weak and unqualified Sheriff Dave Ward, who could care less about anything other than getting the Russian-owned mining company Uranium One up and running in his county on lands promised to the company by the Clinton’s through the bubba system.

Ammon explained to the undersheriff how he had asked the FBI “four times if the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Ward, has given them authority to be there […] written authority […] to be enforcing law here in the county.”

“They [the FBI] are taking care of the refuge situation. It’s federal property,” the rookie Needham told Bundy.

“It’s not federal property. The Constitution is pretty clear,” one of the group members explained to Needham.

“That is what the argument is,” Bundy told Needham.

“And even if it [the refuge] is federal property, which it’s not–let’s say I was standing on the grounds of the Post Office which would be federal property–to enforce law on that property they [the FBI] are to come to the County Sheriff and the County Sheriff is to enforce that law–that way the people are protected,” Bundy explained.

“So has the FBI been given permission from the Sheriff’s Department to enforce law in the county,” Bundy asked Needham.

That’s when the rookie slipped up and answered, “At the refuge, yes.”

Needham went on to explain how the FBI set up in a “BLM building.”

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“The FBI is here working in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Ward gave them permission to be here, Needham said.

“Ok, that’s all I need to know,” Ammon said as he turned his back and walked away.

“They are in direct violation of the Constitution, the Sheriff is, if he’s given them permission to be there then they are in direct violation of the Constitution. And that’s what we need to know,” Ammon told the press.