Militants in compound consider standing down, but FBI says no, militant claims

PRINCETON, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — A team of 5 militants, who banded together inside the gated compound at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge after their brothers in arms and other protesters abandoned them, want to leave. But according to David Fry, the FBI is saying that one member of the group will be charged with a felony, prompting the others to stay and possibly be slaughtered by the federal government with him if a tactical incursion occurs.

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David Fry is with the group and has been documenting everything on his YouTube channel, live, from inside the refuge.

“When things really got bad and they killed LaVoy Finicum […] it was chaotic down here. It was absolute chaos. […] During this chaos some people said that the cops are willing to let people go for free without any punishment. And so a lot of people left at that time,” said Fry.

“Right now out of the five people here, four of us are allowed to leave and one of them was charged […] with a federal warrant. […] This guy his name is Sean.”

‘He’s only been here four times,’ Fry made clear.

“Everybody feels it’s unfair.”

“Right now we are trying to tell the negotiator guys like why don’t you just give us the first option and let us leave right now, we are willing to leave. And if they want to check the guns for if it’s stolen or not, we are agreeing to that. You know we are being reasonable and trying to be peaceful and they keep saying we can’t do that, he has to be charged. That’s what they are saying. Are they really willing to kill five people?”

It’s also important to note that the militant with a warrant, known as “Sean,” has threatened the lives of law enforcement on a live stream broadcast, Thursday, when he called for others to “come get some.”