migrants violent

So what is the solution devised by lily-livered Swedes and EU poltroons? More Muslim migrants, of course.

And after seeing how police responded (or should I say didn’t respond) to the mass attacks on New Years Eve, I am not sure more police would make much difference.

50,000 more migrants poured into Europe this week. Wait until the Spring and the weather is more forgiving.

“Swedish police fear they do not have enough officers to stop escalating migrant violence,” By Lizzie Stromme, The Express, Jan 27, 2016

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POLICE in Sweden fear they do not have the resources to deal with the increasing level of violence at asylum centres.As the migrant crisis continues to grow, Swedish officers have declared they do not have the manpower to stop the increasing unrest at units set up to deal with the influx of people.

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said his teams were struggling to cope and feared the situation would be out of control unless a further 4,100 officers and specialist staff were recruited.

He said: “We have to go to work against unrest in the asylum centres which places a much greater demand than might appear outwardly.

“In some places in Sweden this eats significant resources out of the police’s capability.

“Moreover, from several sources there are reports that staff are poorly prepared to handle violence, threats and conflicts – while there are too few security guards.”

Mr Eliasson’s warning comes after Swedish police had to run for safety after being surrounded by an angry mob of migrants when they went to rescue a 10-year-old boy, who had allegedly been raped.

The terrifying incident was detailed in a police report and an officer said: “Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life.

“We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit.”

The number of reported incidents at Swedish asylum centres has increased drastically from 148 in 2014 to 322 in 2015.

According to a national progress report, the increased violence is due to overcrowding, low standard of living, mental illness and insecurity about the future.

The report said: “Police do not have the recourses to handle all the disturbances at reception centres.”

Authorities have said that asylum accommodation staff are not equipped to handle the fights that keep plaguing the centres and they are worried the workers do not have enough protection in the form of security guards.

The police warning was announced just hours after 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher was knifed to death at a reception centre in Mölndal, near Gothenburg on Monday.

Miss Mezher died in hospital from the injuries inflicted on her after she intervened in a fight at the youth asylum centre where she was working.

Mr Eliasson has now requested 4,100 additional officers and support staff to help fight terrorism, carry out migrant deportations and police asylum accommodations.

He said: “We are forced to respond to many disturbances in asylum reception centres.

“In some places, this takes significant police resources.

“This was not the case six months ago and it means that we won’t be able to respond as effectively in other areas.”

According to the Swedish migration agency, more 180,000 refugees entered Sweden last year.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.