After careful analysis of the shooting video, here’s a question about the Oregon militia shooting for you.

It’s being widely reported that rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum jumped out of his car after swerving to miss a federal roadblock at what the media is calling a “traffic stop,” (when clearly it was a huge FBI/OSP operation with dozens of officers involved), then he “went for” a 9mm in his pocket, forcing police to shoot and kill him.

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Here’s the video from the FBI’s official YouTube channel, edited down to the minutes when the shooting death of Finicum took place. It’s over eight minutes of grainy surveillance plane footage without sound.

Finicum immediately and clearly exits the vehicle with his hands up. He clearly knows he is surrounded by multiple heavily armed officers. Others in the vehicles have spoken about how many multiple laser targets they each had pointed at them throughout this entire exchange.

Watch in particular the moments just before he is killed when he supposedly “goes for” his weapon. Finicum appears to be losing his balance in the deep snow and turns back toward his compatriots in his vehicle before doing a bit of a jumpy dance in the snow — almost like you would see in a Looney Tunes cartoon or something when Yosemite Sam tells someone to “dance” while shooting at their feet.

Finicum’s hand goes back to his side a second time, and he is promptly shot and falls to the snow. After this, it has been reported that FBI and OSP deployed flashbangs and tear gas to get the remaining people to leave Finicum’s vehicle.

But the story just doesn’t make sense… unless someone fired at Finicum or near him first before he reached for his waistband. Then it makes sense.

It makes no sense that the man would spin around multiple times with his hands up to surrender in front of multiple armed feds, then suddenly decide to go for a 9mm. What’s that going to do against being surrounded by multiple feds armed training much more high-powered weapons on him anyway? Why would he do that after clearly surrendering?

The only thing that would get Finicum to suddenly “go for” his gun would be a sudden shot/noise, to which Finicum would instinctively react in an attempt to protect himself.

This would explain why he turns and faces his friends in the car and starts kinda dancing in the snow. He appears to be freaking out like he’s in danger. He thought he was going to be shot.

So did they spook him? Get him to react the way they wanted to in order to justify shooting him? The Oregon state trooper who shot Finicum did so when he wasn’t even facing the cops.

This would also explain why FBI special agent Greg Bretzing refused to tell the media how many times Finicum was shot. If it really was only once, the one time when Finicum lands in the snow, if it was only that simple, why not just say Finicum was shot once?

Why did Bretzing give the ambiguous answer that the number of times Finicum was shot was in the “single digits”?

Until a video is released with sound, there is simply no way to prove the official police version of events here.

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Then again, just as the video above is admittedly edited, so too could any future official video releases be to rid them of any incriminating sounds to back up this theory.

Either way, it is pathetic we live in a country where police will assassinate you like this. They didn’t even try to take him down in a less lethal way, hitting him in the arm or leg. Police accounts do admit Finicum reached for his waistband — he did not actually pull a weapon on anyone — and they just killed him, just like that.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.