Berlin’s 10,000 homeless population to remain on the streets


The German government is set to spend €600 million euros housing migrants in upmarket Berlin hotels at a cost of €18,000 per “refugee,” while the city’s 10,000 homeless population will remain on the streets.

According to a Frankfurter Allgemeine report, “The Berlin Senate is negotiating with a hotel chain over the longer-term leasing of 10,000 hotel places for refugees.” Grand City Hotels will provide 22 hotels which will include Holiday Inn and Wyndham properties.

The 10,000 figure is noteworthy given that it equates to the homeless population of Berlin.

The cost for each migrant will be €50 euros a night for the hotel accommodation or €18,000 euros per year and will include an “all inclusive” program of care and integration.

“Since the Senate has reportedly interested in a multi-year term of the lease, it would amount to a volume of at least €600 million euros,” a source told the newspaper. A Senate spokesperson expressed surprise that Frankfurter Allgemeine had uncovered details of the secret plan, remarking, “That’s not public.”

The deal is attractive to the hotel chain because the government would guarantee an occupancy rate of 95% compared to the usual figure of 60 to 65 per cent.

80,000 asylum seekers arrived in Berlin alone last year, part of the 1.1 million that flooded into Germany, a figure eight times Berlin’s homeless population.

In other words, Berlin could have completely solved its homeless problem eight times over yet will instead use taxpayer money to fund accommodation for non-Germans flooding in from the Middle East and north Africa.

Critics allege that the deal is wide open to corruption and abuse because it was conducted secretly via no-bid contracts.

Authorities in Berlin have already confiscated 50 gymnasiums as well as office and bank buildings to house migrants arriving in the city.

The issue is only likely to increase public opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open border policy. During demonstrations in Neubrandenburg, protesters jeered and booed Merkel.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison