German Government’s Solution to Muslim Men Harassing Women -- Don’t Provoke Them!

As predicted, the unfettered invasion of Muslims in Germany has taken a toll on its culture and the normal daily lives of its citizens. Rape and sexual assault of women, along with harassment, are increasing rapidly. Small towns, where culture and custom are time-honored traditions, are being over-run with illegal Muslim invaders, changing these town’s majorities to Muslims, drastically altering the lives of residents. It has become dangerous for women and girls to go about their normal activities without being victims of Muslim hate as 16 year old Bibi Wilhailm pointed out in her YouTube video.

German citizens have little hope their government will intervene as the attitude of Merkel’s regime to the increasing rape and harassment culture of Islam is “don’t provoke them.”

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In the German town of Bad Schlema, this was the response a grandfather received from Mayor Jens Muller, member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party, after voicing concern about young girls being harassed by the illegal alien Muslim invaders. The mayor’s response elicited a fury during the already rowdy municipal council meeting; residents were demanding the mayor step down. The increasingly irate crowd caused the Mayor to “threaten to call the police and ‘evacuate’ the building.”

The video at showed the question and answer exchange to be mild. The mayor’s answer caused the outrage and people voiced, “Oh, in your own country.”

According to

With public opinion on the 1.1 million migrants Germany has taken in over the last year souring after the mass molestation of women in Cologne, a grandfather stood up at the council meeting to ask Mayor Jens Müller, of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party, whether measures would be taken to stop the harassment.

“I have a question regarding the school… about Physical education in the school gym”, the man stated, “My Granddaughter, she’s under ten — and it’s also happened in a nearby town, that’s right — the girls have been harassed by the refugee ‘children’, the ‘asylum seekers’.”

“They get harassed from the windows [of the shelter] and things like that. How will this be in the summer? When the School girls wear less clothing?” he asked.

“That’s easy; just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas”, the Mayor responded.

The rest of the attendees immediately began booing, but the Mayor subsequently doubled down on his idiocy, suggesting that Germans were equally to blame when he commented, “Do you think this [sexual harassment] doesn’t exist among Germans”.

“You’re not allowed to walk in your own city anymore. Go home, boy. Who the hell elected you,” shouted the grandfather. “The migrants come here and we’re not allowed to walk here any more!”

The answer from Mayor Muller sounds akin to the old doctor joke.

Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this. (Raises right arm up over the head)

Doctor: Then, don’t do that.

Mayor Muller chose to ignore the problem, which is illegal Muslim invaders, and instead provided the community with a copout answer that is no answer at all. The solution is not limiting the citizens of the nation and town. It is to hold these illegal Muslim invaders to observing the law. Better still, the government would serve its citizen’s interest by sending these invaders back to their country of origin. If it isn’t known, send them back to the nearest Muslim nation. But, the mayor is of the same party as Angela Merkel, meaning Muslims have free reign and the travesty of limitation is perpetrated upon the citizens, not the lawbreakers.

In another town, parents of school age children received letters from the schools advising parents to restrict their daughters from wearing shorts and skirts in order to prevent from provoking the Muslim invaders. Feminists in the nation actually gave roses to Muslims who might have been perpetrators of sexual assault during the New Year’s Eve celebration in Cologne. Other feminists even suggested “German born men” might have been the perpetrators of the assaults.

The citizens of Germany have every right to voice outrage at government officials. Women and children cannot walk the streets of their own towns in their own nation without suffering some form of harassment from Muslim invaders. It won’t be long before these Muslim invaders will target the men. With government supporting these invaders, citizens literally have no recourse, since government is not willing to address their complaints or concerns.

Zerohedge reported last year that German citizens were buying pepper spray and guns in response to increase in crime associated with illegal Muslim invaders. The number of invaders at the time of the Zerohedge report had not reached 100,000. With the total +/- 1.1 million invaders and growing, Germany is set to see crime rates similar to that of Sweden in the coming months. Citizens will need to have a means of self-defense at home and in public.

The German government under Angela Merkel has rejected its citizens in favor of Muslim invaders intent on conquering the nation. Multiculturalists and those supporting this invasion of Muslims will soon discover their culture will be lost, their values and principles removed and replaced with that of Islam, and they are to convert or die. While they may entertain the fantasy that Muslims and Germans can live together in harmony, it will not happen unless Germans are willing to submit to the demands of Muslims. It is the way of Islam or a beheading. Even paying the jizya will not bring harmony. As a matter of fact, neither will submitting fully to Islam since death, destruction, oppression and misery is all that Muslims know.

The German people are facing a travesty visited upon them by the European Union and the government under Angela Merkel. The nation that suffered the humiliation of the notorious, infamous Hitler is set to face another humiliation at the hands of a different tyrant. Instead of promoting Germans as superior, this tyrant seeks to eradicate Germans in a slow, mass, bloody, chaotic extermination, very unlike the Holocaust.

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Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.