Merkel-think (which is all over Europe, not just in Germany) meets reality. She regrets telling her children that only too late, when her boy is seriously injured and scarred for life. European authorities will only regret bring in millions of Muslim migrants when it is far too late, and Europe is transformed forever, and not for the better.

File photo of migrants walking to the Austrian border in Nickelsdorf from Hegyeshalom

“Mother of ten-year-old boy raped in Austrian swimming pool by Iraqi who said it was ‘a sexual emergency’ says she regrets telling her children ‘migrants need our help,’” by Tom Wyke and James Dunn, Mailonline, February 8, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The mother of the boy who was raped by an Iraqi migrant in a swimming pool in Austria, has said she regrets teaching her children to be welcoming to migrants and described the man’s defence as ‘just monstrous’.

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The boy’s mother Dunja, who arrived in Austria as an immigrant in the 90s from Serbia during the Civil War, said she had always taught her five children to offer the same hospitality to new arrivals that she had herself received.

Upon hearing her son’s attacker’s claim he had ‘too much sexual energy’, Dunja criticised his defence as ‘just monstrous’ and insisted he should be sent to prison and then be deported. She said she ‘regretted’ teaching her children to be welcoming to migrants.

The boy, known only as Goran, had to be hospitalised with serious injuries and his mother said her son has been crying himself to sleep every night since the attack….

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.