Barry Soetoro He Fixed Nothing – He Broke Everything

“[I]t’s been noted often by pundits that the tone of our politics hasn’t gotten better since I was inaugurated, in fact it’s gotten worse; that there’s still this yawning gap between the magnitude of our challenges and the smallness of our politics. Which is why, in my final State of the Union address, and in the one before that, I had to acknowledge that one of my few regrets is my inability to reduce the polarization and meanness in our politics. I was able to be part of that here (in the Illinois Senate) and yet couldn’t translate it the way I wanted to into our politics in Washington.” — Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, Feb. 2016.

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Yes, that is correct. The boy king wannabe stated those very words standing in front of the Illinois State Senate on Wednesday. But, according to him, America is better off today than when he was inaugurated. The questions are what measuring stick is he using and what are the incremental measurements?

If Hussein Soetoro is looking at the united States being fundamentally changed into some totalitarian dictatorship based on socialist/communist ideology, America certainly is closer to that today than when the “emperor with no clothes” assumed office. However, in all other areas, America is worse off today than when the “straw man” was inaugurated, despite the manipulation of numbers presented to the public making the nation appear better.

Another question to ask is does this man ever listen to himself? Does he even pay attention to what in the world he is saying?

Not only have we had to listen to this man’s lies when saying, “our immigration system is broken,” or “our Constitution is broken,” or “I can act on my own when Congress doesn’t,” the American people are listening to more bull manure now than it would take to create an environmental crisis. If this man somehow “fixed” the polarization and meanness in politics in Illinois, what happened in that State and the city of Chicago? It looks fairly polarized and mean there. In truth, he fixed nothing. He broke everything.

According to, Hussein Soetoro cares about “fixing politics” because he will one day leave the presidency and “become an ordinary citizen.” He didn’t say “return to being” an ordinary citizen and did not classify himself as “president and citizen.”

“And as an American citizen, I understand that our progress is not inevitable — our progress has never been inevitable. It must be fought for, and won by all of us…It requires citizenship and a sense that we are one.

“And today that kind of citizenship is threatened by a poisonous political climate that pushes people away from participating in our public life. It turns folks off. It discourages them, makes them cynical.

“And when that happens, more powerful and extreme voices fill the void. When that happens, progress stalls. And that’s how we end up with only a handful of lobbyists setting the agenda. That’s how we end up with policies that are detached from what working families face every day. That’s how we end up with the well-connected who publicly demand that government stay out of their business but then whisper in its ear for special treatment.

What interesting statements to make — “our progress is not inevitable — our progress has never been inevitable.” No explanation to what he means because he wants everyone to fill in the blanks. It’s his Obama-ese classic rhetoric of saying nothing, but letting the individual listening provide the framework based on their experience.

He then states, “it” must be fought for and won by everyone. Based on the structure, Hussein Soetoro is talking about “progress,” but “progress” to where, what or when? Again, he claims “it” requires citizenship and a feeling of being as one. All open ended with no explanation but letting the audience fill in the blanks. The “sense that we are one” sounds more like functioning as a “collective,” think Borg, than being individuals. Governments are instituted among men to preserve individual God-given unalienable rights, meaning recognizing society as a group of individuals. However, the phrase “sense that we are one” is closely reminiscent of the old communist style of thinking — government rules the people, where the collective good comes first. The “collective good” overrules the individual and governments bestow “rights” to society if society can handle it.

In my personal opinion, progress is inevitable. However, the progression can be positive or negative, good or bad, or a mixture of both. What some may term as “progression” others might see as regression and vice versa. If taking these words and looking at the policies from the White House, Hussein Soetoro’s ideas of progress is incompatible with our current form of government. Whether it be foreign policy, the economy, or societal issues, the nation progresses by virtue of the stance taken coming out of the White House.

More than likely, Hussein Soetoro is speaking about “world” citizenship. In his very next statements, he mentions “that kind of citizenship” is being threatened by a “poisonous political climate.” Never does he mention the “kind of citizenship” to which he is referring. It’s left to the listener to fill in the blanks.

Most people hearing this would pass it by — the in one ear and out the other deal. However, in his next vague sentences, he is basically telling leftist, progressive liberals to get busy because the “conservative and Christian” portion of society are directing policy that will harm families in daily life. Hussein Soetoro is declaring the “voice” calling for government to abide by the Constitution is directing everything while asking for preferential treatment. It is not surprising that he would throw this segment of America under the bus, claiming it is that segment stalling progress. Again, the “progress” could be the transformation of the nation from a republic to a totalitarian, oppressive, dictatorship.

In reality, the opposite is true. Hussein Soetoro speaks in mirror image — take his statements, turn them around, and get the true picture. The segment of America who possesses conservative, Christian values and principles are not controlling anything. Congress is following Hussein Soetoro. In fact, Hussein Soetoro and Congress are working for their enrichment while garnering support by catering to fringe groups comprising less than 2-4 percent of the population.

Continuing on, he told the Illinois Senate:

“That’s how our political system gets consumed by small things when we are a people that are called to do great things — to give everybody a shot in a changing economy; to keep America safe and strong in an uncertain world; to repair our climate before it threatens everything we leave for our kids.

“So that’s what’s on my mind as I come back to Illinois today. This is what will be a focus of mine over the course of this year and beyond: What can we do, all of us, together, to try to make our politics better? And I speak to both sides on this. As all of you know, it could be better, and all of you would feel prouder of the work you do if it was better.”

Here is where he touched on illegal alien invasion — “…when we are a people that are called to do great things — to give everybody a shot in a changing economy; … .” He moved quickly to wealth redistribution at home and abroad through “repairing our climate.” Money doesn’t do anything to change, influence or “repair” our climate because it is out of our control. If this man were truly interested in the strength and safety of America, our borders would not be open. The federal government would deny Muslims entry instead of importing them into our nation. State and federal governments would not be trying to implement some type of gun confiscation scheme. Our debt would be way below +/- $20 trillion.

What is on this man’s mind is destroying the remainder of the united States before his time is up. Like a used car salesman trying to make that quota, this is Hussein Soetoro’s last “big pitch” to wrap up the sale. But, does all of America know what he is selling? Unfortunately, they do not since he speaks in vague terms in order for listeners to fill in the blanks from their perspective.

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He had the nerve to plead for compromise, discovering a common ground, ending the influence of “money in politics,” make voting easier, and ending congressional district gerrymandering. He lied about those things because it would interfere with the agenda.

The State of Georgia has gerrymandered Congressional districts so many times in order to create and maintain a certain number of districts comprised of predominantly black residents for representation. It is how the district in which I live ended up with Hank Johnson (D-GA). It’s a subject that neither Governor Nathan Deal nor any representative or senator at the State level will consider speaking to an average citizen voter to discuss the feeling of non-representation. Governor Deal ignores individuals who have documented evidence of State agency violations and no local news affiliates will even touch it.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the Liar-in-Chief, criminal, traitor Hussein Soetoro had the audacity to request civility in public discourse. Seriously? This man instigates uncivilized behavior among black citizens by supporting black criminal thugs over police officials because of a false narrative. Once that is accomplished, he sends in the [In]Justice Department to find fault in order to instill federal influence within local law enforcement agencies. If there is uncivil discourse in public, Hussein Soetoro not only instigates it; he participates in it ever so subtly.

The reason people don’t like politics is because of politicians. Politicians are liars and cheaters. When they aren’t kissing babies, they are stealing their lollipops. [See The Hunt for Red October for reference] Everything that parts their lips has to do with winning an election and keeping their comfortable position from where they can destroy this nation and fleece the people. This is why people hate politics.

People do not mind government. In fact, having government is preferable to having none. No one wants to be involved in “politics;” but, people do want to be involved in government. This is where statesmen enter the picture.

Statesmen are versed in government. Sometimes a politician as well, a statesman argues for or against something based on its merit found within the Constitution. If it is unconstitutional, a statesman will argue for its exclusion. He supports, promotes, defends and protects the Constitution while honoring his oath of office. Unfortunately, statesmen are an extinct species.

Government functioning outside the limelight inevitably becomes corrupt. This is what citizens are witnessing at this point. While we are given “glimpses” of the happenings and workings of the government by the government, the majority of it is hidden from the public venue. It is the wheeling and dealing of the garbage in Washington no one sees but ends up having to accept through congressional legislation or some agency rule and regulation.

Hussein Soetoro had the brass cajones to say, “Rather than reward the most extreme voices, or the most divisive language, or who is best at launching schoolyard taunts, we should insist on a higher form of discourse in our common life, one based on empathy and respect.”

Again, Hussein Soetoro is guilty as charged for rewarding “the most extreme voices” and “most divisive language.” The “emperor with no clothes” frequently engages in “schoolyard taunts” and rarely exhibits empathy or shows respect. He is the pot calling the kettle black.

Someone call all the fire battalions because more than his pants are on fire. He’ll need a tree surgeon afterward if the “Pinocchios” survive the blaze.

With the 2016 elections around the corner, Hussein Soetoro is hoping to influence electoral votes for the Democratic candidate who will continue his “legacy” by further enslaving united States citizens. The rhetoric is strong in Hussein Soetoro because it is the electoral college that elects the president. The DNC nominee could turn out to be Hillary Clinton if the FBI cannot get this woman charged with a crime to prevent her from bidding for the highest office in the land. If Clinton happens to make it to the “elitist prison,” which favors a resort more so than a prison, Bernie Sanders will be the choice for Democratic nominee. Either way it goes, the united States is up the creek without a paddle.

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.