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Refugees may not be required to prove they haven’t been convicted of sex crimes

Image: Red Flag News
Image: Red Flag News

In a disturbing development, the Danish government is set to drop a requirement that newly arrived migrants prove they are not sex offenders in order to allow “refugees” to work with children in nurseries and day care centers.

Under current rules it is a legal requirement that kindergartens, daycare centers and nurseries ensure that an employee has not previously been convicted of sexual offenses against children.

“But when the country’s municipalities want to send newly arrived refugees to work at day-care centers, it is often impossible to get hold of the necessary information in their home countries. And therefore, the government is now willing to change the law,” reports Speisa.

“As I read it, the government is on its way to (allow) refugees to be employed in day-care centers without a criminal record certificate. I think it is totally outrageous that one can consider loosen these rules that are intended to protect children from harm,” Danish People’s Party spokeswoman Pernille Bendixen told the newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

Under the rule change, Danish citizens would still be required to submit to a background check, but newly arrived migrants would be immune.

Michael Ziegler, Mayor of High-Taastrup Municipality, said that the safety of children should not be compromised, but that it was necessary “to use this part of the labor market”.

Culture Minister Bertel Haarder said that it was “practically impossible to obtain information from the countries (migrants) have fled,” presenting a “dilemma” for municipalities.

Migrants may not be required to prove they are not sex offenders despite a rape scandal that has engulfed the continent over the past year which includes innumerable examples of migrants raping children.

The proposal makes little sense given that the Danish government introduced a plan last year to to mandate migrants to take sexual consent lessons after a spate of rapes committed by immigrants.

“34 per cent of convicted rapists in Denmark between 2003 and 2014 were either immigrants or descended from them,” reports the Daily Mail.




Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison