Be glad it’s with “ballots not bullets,” says former Governor

mike huckabee

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee told Fox News this morning that Donald Trump’s success represents a peaceful “overthrow of the government” and that the Republican establishment should be glad it’s being achieved with “ballots not bullets”.

Huckabee, who has not officially endorsed Trump, told Fox & Friends that “people in Washington need to recognize the reason that Trump is winning is because they (his supporters) feel like people in Washington have helped them lose and they’re sick of it.”

“The donor class runs the political environment in this country and people are waking up to that and they are tired of it,” added the former presidential candidate.

“That’s what this election is largely about, it’s an overthrow of the government….we ought to be glad that it is a peaceful revolution with ballots rather than one with bullets,” said Huckabee, adding that the Trump phenomenon was a “political revolution in the Republican Party and in the country.”

Huckabee accused the Republican establishment of “bed-wetting” over Trump by treating his voters as stupid while trying to select a presidential candidate rather than let the American people elect one.

The former Governor said that Trump’s supporters were coming out in droves to support him because “they’re angry at the very establishment who is going nuts because Donald Trump is doing so well – and they don’t get it that they are the problem.”

Huckabee made his comments in response to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell forcefully denouncing Trump over the David Duke controversy.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison