In the article “Psycho Politics of Forced Mental Health Screenings,” we discussed the findings of a paper entitled Political Conservatism as Motivation for Social Cognition. The authors of this paper, in a deliberate attempt to stir up discontent towards conservatism, highlighted their conclusions that conservatism is a rigid political philosophy that fears social change and justifies inequality in order to satisfy their own selfish motivations. Published by the American Psychological Association, it is without a doubt that there was an existing bias towards conservatism, and the goal of writing the paper was to destroy political opposition to a left wing agenda. The paper was published in 2003 and details all of the arguments liberals currently make about the political right. Is this a coincidence? Not likely.

It is inarguable that the hard left is in firm control of education in America and that the entire system is biased against a Pro-America, conservative worldview. When doing research, students are generally limited to using “peer-reviewed” journals for their sources and citations. These are journals that have been reviewed by the academic elite and approved because they tow the party line. For instance, this author took a lot of heat as a social work student for citing sources that go against the main stream academic narrative of all whites being inherently racist. The position paper was cited as being a primary reason of the professor’s insistence that yours truly may be unfit for social work, due to his resistance to the social justice agenda.

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(For more information on this topic, please read “Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.”)

In July 2015, Natural News reported that there are six major publishing companies controlling the content of academic journals. Ironically, the fields of psychology and the social sciences are among some of the most heavily controlled. No doubt this is being done to control the mindset of those in the fields of psychology, with the intent of keeping them firmly planted in left wing ideology.

The fields most controlled by this academic oligarchy include those dealing with chemistry, psychology, social sciences and the professional fields. On the flip side, biomedical research, physics, and the arts and humanities are influenced to a much lesser degree by these six corporate publishers, according to the study.” Ethan A. Huff

As mentioned in the article, “Psychology has brought Communism to America,” psychopolitical operators have firm control over what is taught in our nation’s psychology programs. There is little doubt that this control is exerted by ensuring students who study psychology are being indoctrinated into the tenants of communism. The following quotes are from the Soviet Manual of Psychopolitics.

“In the United States we have been able to alter the works of William James, and others, into a more acceptable pattern, and to place the tenants of Karl Marx, Pavlov, Lamarck, and the Data of Dialectical Materialism into the textbooks of psychology, to such a degree that anyone thoroughly studying psychology becomes at once a candidate to accept the reasonableness of communism.” (Beria, pp. 53)

“As every chair of psychology in the United States is occupied by a person in our connection, or who can be influenced by a person in our connection, the consistent employment of such texts is guaranteed. (Referring back to the quote on textbooks) They are given the authoritative ring and they are carefully taught. (Beria, pp. 53)

It seems that the authoritative ring includes writing fictitious journals and forcing students to use them as sources on their research papers. Everything that is taught in the social sciences is essentially a lie, from the teachings of white privilege, to the number of people living in poverty in the United States, to the effectiveness of socialized medicine. The whole system is designed to discredit the United States as a constitutional republic and present communism as the only reasonable solution to problems presented on an exaggerated scale, in order to subdue the students into believing the nation they live in is in need of drastic change. The paperPolitical Conservatism as Motivation for Social Cognition” was undoubtedly written for these purposes.

Technical papers should exist as to the number of cures effected by psychiatry and psychology, and whenever possible, percentages of cures, no matter how fictitious, should be worked into legislative papers, thus forming a background of evidence which would immediately rebut any effort to actually discover anyone who had ever been helped by psychiatry or psychology. (Beria, pp. 62)

While the above quote revolves around the issue of curing mental illness, it undoubtedly admits that many of the papers used to present their case are, in fact, fictitious. They have built up libraries of left wing journals that exclusively support a liberal/communistic worldview, allegedly from a scientific standpoint, that they force students to study, without offering the alternative viewpoint. Is it any wonder we find ourselves on the verge of fundamental transformation?

Personal note: This author was taught in social work education that lying in research was ethical, especially when it comes to proving the extent to which certain populations may be racist. The reason given was that people are too ignorant to understand the depth of racism based on the tenants of academic theories like Black Liberation Theology, or Critical Race Theory.

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Article reposted with permission from Propaganda News

David Risselada is a freelance writer and researcher. David served in the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999 and the US Army from 2001-2006. In addition to contributing to, he writes at Radical Conservative. Follow David on Twitter.

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