Unluckiest Mormon missionary on Earth — gets stuck in three terror attacks on two continents


(INTELLIHUB) — In a string of coincidences that likely nobody can explain, against all odds, a 19-year-old Mormon missionary from Utah by the the name of Elder Mason Wells found himself at the location of three major terror attacks spread across three countries on two continents in the past three years. Now I may not be a rocket scientist, but I would have to say — the odds of that happening to one person are literally slim to none if not nil.

While I’m not jumping the gun and accusing Elder Mason Wells of being a ‘crisis actor,’ I do have to admit the circumstances are so odd I have to question it.

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I also have to question if Wells possibly works for an intelligence agency, such as the C.I.A.. I mean after all it’s quite common for the C.I.A. to explore and employ missionaries as they can easily infiltrate their way through various countries, networks and homes to obtain much needed information and carryout various operations directed by their handlers embedded within the Deep State. Moreover the F.B.I. would also consider such assets.

Wells was among 10 Americans who were injured during the Brussels Airport bombing blast Tuesday which occurred at an American Airlines ticketing counter. Wells was traveling with three other missionaries who were also injured in the blast.

Wells, almost magically, was also a “survivor” of the Boston Bombing attack of 2013, where his mother was reportedly participating in the marathon.

Additionally it’s been reported that Wells just spent two weeks in France before arriving at the Brussels Airport where bombs were detonated injuring his leg.

NBC News reported:

Wells was also in Paris this past November when the French capital was attacked by Belgium-based terrorists, the family said.

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