Shirt inspired by rap video which promotes assassination of Trump


A supporter of the #NeverTrump movement advertised t-shirts for sale advocating the assassination of Donald Trump.

The shirts were emblazoned with the logo “We got a choppa in the trunk for Donald Trump,” words inspired by an amateur rap video entitled “F*ck Trump Anthem” which features black teens armed with weapons rapping about their hatred for the Republican frontrunner while making thinly veiled death threats.

Choppa is a slang word for an AK-47.

The shirts were being retailed by Venom Apparel, which is run by someone who goes by the Twitter handle ‘Curious George IV’. He tweeted out a link to the t-shirt under the hashtag #NeverTrump.

The listing was subsequently deleted although an image of the shirt still appears in a collection on the website entitled “Never Trump!”

The rap song that inspired the t-shirt was released by Abdel Ibrahim, a Baltimore, Maryland resident who is campaigning for his friend Tyshawn Francis to be released from jail. Francis is currently incarcerated for stabbing Anthony Theodore Whiting to death in 2013.

The “F*ck Trump Anthem” also includes a line where the gang threatens to hit Donald Trump in the head with a shovel as well as shoot him with hollow point bullets. Not only has YouTube failed to delete the video, it isn’t even age-restricted.

Ibrahim is a Sudanese Muslim who includes the phrase “All praise be to Allah” on his Twitter profile.

The story once again highlights the fact that while Donald Trump is being blamed for “inciting violence,” the anti-Trump crowd continues to flagrantly engage in violent rhetoric.

Trump, who wears a bullet proof vest at every public event, has received a deluge of death threats since being given Secret Service protection last year.

As Gateway Pundit reports, another black teen posted a video of himself pulling out a shotgun with the “F*ck Trump Anthem” playing in the background.

Watch a breakdown of the issue by Mark Dice below.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison