Oathkeeper - I’ve Got the Documents to Prove Our Government Committed Treason in Oregon and Nevada

Almost daily there are things coming out concerning the lawlessness of the DC government, especially concerning the recent protest at the Malheur Wildlife refuge in Oregon. On Saturday of last week, one Oathkeeper went to the microphone with documents in hand during a protest at City Hall and declared that the DC government had “committed treason upon our Constitution, they committed treason upon our lands, they committed treason upon our minerals.”

One unidentified man who was wearing an “Oath Keepers” hat and holding a stack of papers said while pointing to the American flag and the Gadsden flag, “This is what LaVoy sacrificed his life for. This is what the Hammonds represent. This is what the Bundy’s represent. This is what we all represent, we the people.”

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The man had annotated people from the Bureau of Land Management down to Congress and the state legislatures of Oregon and Nevada in the documents he held up and made a bold declaration.

“With these documents we can indict every single one that I annotated here in this true affidavit,” he said, holding up the stack of papers. “I have about 4000 pages, documents and exhibits whereas evidentiary evidence in putting these criminals behind bars rather than patriots behind bars.”

According to the man, the Bar Association has hijacked all three branches of government. He claims all the laws that have been put forth concerning the usurpation of land by the DC government are unconstitutional according to Article Six, Clause 2, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.

“These statutes violate our Constitution,” the man said. “They went so far as to consider water as a mineral. A mineral, water. It is a God-given right to drink our own water and they are privatizing water as a mineral, which is crazy.”

The man then pointed out who should be thanked for people digging and coming up with evidence of the corruption.

“We’ve got to thank Harry Reid. We got to thank Hillary Clinton. We got to thank Kate Brown, we got to thank the Bushes. We got to thank Soros, the Koch Brothers. We have to thank Jeff Murphy, Barack Hussein Obama, and I have it annotated in the documents on how they did it.”

He then pointed to the Uranium ore and other minerals that are on the land in question and the corruption of politicians providing that uranium ore to America’s enemies.

“They made and back door deals with Russia China to sell this uranium,” he said. “This is why we are here. They committed treason upon our Constitution. They committed treason upon our lands. They committed treason upon our minerals. They should be in prison not the Bundy’s.”

He then called for a Common Law Grand Jury to be formed in order to deal with the crimes going on, which is something we have spoken about before.

When a person in the crowd listening asked what they could do in response to what the man was saying, he told them, “Go to Sheriff Palmer, give him the documents I have in my possession. Get the militia, get the Oath Keepers and every patriot deputized and start arresting everyone all the way from here to Washington D.C. Fraud has no statute of limitation. They all need to be indicted.”

While I have not yet obtained the documents that the man spoke about, I am asking around to see if anyone has a copy so that we might get this information out to the public at large. Word has been going around that documents obtained from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge do indeed indicate that the DC government and the BLM have been tyrannically trying to control the land. Of course, all we really need to do is read the Constitution to know that has been going on for some time.

Indeed, and until the People, who are the government, stand up and deal justly with criminals that have been elected, as well as bureaucrats and their monkeys, the status quo will continue and innocent people will go to jail or be gunned down like LaVoy Finicum was. What will you do patriots?

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