Ted Cruz just won Wisconsin big time, right? He declared that he is unifying the GOP. That “they” are going to beat Trump. That it’s all over.

But who is it really all over for?

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It is now being reported that, although Cruz finally directly denied ever cheating on his wife in an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly who directly asked him if he’d ever been unfaithful, the lid is about to be blown on Ted’s ties to the DC Madam with evidence including that his number is listed in her infamous “black book”.

Of course, the DC Madam Deborah Palfrey supposedly hung herself in 2008 in a death still called suspicious, to say the least, considering she made millions off of many of America’s top politicians and threatened to expose them all right before she supposedly killed herself.

According to Radar Online, the Madam’s attorney has filed with the Supreme Court to be able to release this information because “time is of the essence” for voters to know the truth about at least one of the candidates:

Montgomery Blair Sibley, a former lawyer for madam Deborah Palfrey, has filed a dramatic appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for permission to publish her unconventional “black book,” which consists of some 15,000 pages of phone records and calls to clients, as well as their calls requesting the $300-an-hour services from her gaggle of beautiful hookers!

Sibley told The National ENQUIRER that “time is of the essence” to release the list because one or more of the phone numbers would provide bombshell information that is “relevant to voters before they cast their ballot.”

He currently is barred by a lower court order from releasing the records or naming names.

As if the system will just up and suddenly “let” him release those names when so many of the top American political brass would be exposed by it. Let’s just hope Sibley just does the right thing already because we all know our Supreme Court stopped doing it a long time ago.

The DC Madam’s call log is some 15,000 pages long and does span back past the year 2001, when Cruz married his wife Heidi.

Still, when it comes to Cruz, that isn’t even entirely the point. Commenter Daniel semi-explains:

IF this is proven, then Cruz is gone and will never hold a political office ever again. You just CANNOT go around claiming you are a religious God fearing man and a faithful church goer and then have it proved you are a lying sleezeball who cheated on your wife five times. Its called Hypocrite at best.

Even if Ted Cruz didn’t cheat on his wife, all the religious points are valid. Cruz has definitely presented himself in a way that the illusion will be shattered if it comes to light that he had been running around with a DC prostitution ring. If he’d lie about something so fundamental about himself, is there anything he wouldn’t lie about?

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.