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“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

There are clearly shenanigans that are going on in the GOP primaries, as well as the Democrat primaries, and now Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is claiming voter fraud in the wake of Cruz supporters picking up 26 of the 28 at-large delegates and half of the 27 congressional district delegates.

Since Cruz won unbound delegates, isn’t this him just playing the game by the rules? After all, many people don’t even understand the rules of the system in the first place.

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Ahead of Tuesday’s Indiana primary, Governor Brewer, along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit and others spoke out on what they believe was voter fraud.

“The people of Arizona got cheated, I got cheated & the Trump delegates got cheated,” the Arizona governor said.

Here’s the full press conference, in which Brewer and DeWit claim that voting was changed from a paper ballot to an electronic voting method. Prior to the change, DeWit claims that Trump was doing very well and had garnered 14 of the 27 delegates and that these irregularities were responsible for preventing Trump delegates getting their place on the national delegate list.

To make matters even more serious, Governor Brewer claimed that her name did not appear on the electronic voting system.

Both DeWit and Brewer are now calling for a revote. DeWit mentioned a possible lawsuit.

Watch the full press conference.

Secretary of State Michele Reagan testified on March 22 at the Arizona State Capitol saying that she knew for certain voter registration had been changed prior to the primary election and that her office had been investigating the issue. She then added:

“This was something that I know happens, and I know it happened to people in this room. It’s not hearsay. It happened to someone in my own office. One of my employees was registered as a particular party, went to go vote, and I don’t want to divulge his personal details, but it happened to him.”

I’ve got to tell you, we should be completely doing away with electronic voting across the nation. It’s a system that is open to fraud and manipulation. If you don’t believe me, consider Clinton Eugene “Clint” Curtis’s testimony under oath in 2006 before the House Judiciary members in Ohio, in which he said that he was hired to build software to rig an election and no one would be the wiser.

Arizona voters are furious over what took place.

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On March 22, Donald Trump won the state’s 58 bound delegates. Several other states, including Colorado and Wyoming have experienced many claims of disenfranchisement of voters and delegates in the past month.

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