Venezuela blames economy on a covert CIA operation

venezuela(INTELLIHUB) — Venezuela has one of the largest Crude oil reserves in the world which some ninety-plus-percent of its economy is generated from. And since Crude prices have remained at a low for some time, Venezuela is now seeing the repercussions which may have derived from a covert plan orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency and other globalists to bankrupt the nation after the country’s former leader, Hugo Chavez, vowed to ditch the U.S. Dollar before his death.

Additionally Venezuela just sold 80,000 pounds of their gold bullion supply to help quell their debt problem which has sent the country into unrest.

The situation is so bad that violent armed gangs have even taken over sectors of key cities and are even charging residents a “tax” on food, according to reports.

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“And those who don’t pay are threatened at gunpoint, threatened with death, or being kidnapped,” one local resident told the BBC.

Food and medicine are almost nowhere to be found anymore as 30 million people have already begun to scramble.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has already declared a State of Emergency after major failures in the power grid have crippled what is left of business in the region.

Was this all part of a much bigger plan?


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