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Thousands of Rolling Thunder bikers paraded through Washington DC, honoring prisoners of war and those killed in action as part of Memorial Day 2016. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed people in front of the Lincoln memorial.

Thousands of ‘Rolling Thunder’ bikers started the rally from the Pentagon, crossed the Potomac River and ended up at gathering in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

US military veterans attended the rally honoring the US prisoners of war, killed or missing in action on the occasion of Memorial Day, observed annually on the last Sunday of May.

The annual event, first organized in 1988, is billed as a tribute to prisoners of war and Americans missing in action. Itbegan as a demonstration for the US servicemen who were abandoned after the Vietnam War.


Over the years, Rolling Thunder has become a more politicized group frustrated with Washington lawmakers and the Obama administration.

Trump addressed what is believed to be the largest gathering of bikers in the US speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial. During the speech he claimed that illegal immigrants are treated better than military veterans.

He told the bikers if elected he plans to carry on with his promise to build a wall to keep out people from entering the country illegally. “Who’s going to pay for the wall?” he bellowed. “Mexico!” the people yelled back. ”Not even a doubt!” he replied.

Trump received a rather warm welcome from the crowd despite statements previously made by the presidential candidate that angered the ‘Rolling Thunder’ members and supporters.

Nearly a year ago, in July 2015, Trump said that senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who was held in captivity and repeatedly tortured by the North Vietnamese for five years during the Vietnam War, could not be considered a “war hero” because he was “captured.”

Trump has also run into trouble with veterans when he claimed in February that he personally donated $1 million to veterans’ organizations. News outlets, however, failed to confirm which groups received the supposed funds, or if Trump made the $1 million donation at all.

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