Nearly half a year ago, I reported that speech crime has come to America: New York City can fine employers for up to $¼ million for failing to call an employee by his/her preferred name, pronoun, or title. In other words, if a biological male employee imagines himself to be a woman, his employer is bound by city law to address him as “she”.

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and his lesbian wife Chirlane McCray at a Halloween celebration at Gracie Mansion. Photo credit Robert Mecea

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and his lesbian wife Chirlane McCray at a Halloween celebration at Gracie Mansion. Photo credit Robert Mecea

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As Mayor Bill De Blasio’s New York City Commission on Human Rights puts it:

“In New York City, it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and gender expression in the workplace, in public spaces, and in housing. The NYC Commission on Human Rights is committed to ensuring that transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers are treated with dignity and respect and without threat of discrimination or harassment.”

The Commission defines “gender identity” entirely subjectively as “One’s internal, deeply-held sense of one’s gender as male, female, or something else entirely,” and a “transgender” as “someone whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth.”

All of which means that in New York City, by law individuals
have the right to:

  • Work and live free from discrimination and harassment due to their gender identity/expression.
  • Use the bathroom or locker room most consistent with their gender identity and/or expression without being required to show “proof” of gender.
  • Be addressed with their preferred pronouns and name without being required to show “proof” of gender.
  • Follow dress codes and grooming standards consistent with their gender identity/expression.

That employers and landlords would be fined for not calling someone by the gender of their imagination is bad enough.

Worse still, the New York City Commission on Human Rights’ publication, Gender ID Card, actually lists 31 genders! Beginning with the very boring “man” and “woman,” the 31 genders in alphabetical order are:

  1. Man
  2. Woman
  3. Agender
  4. Androgyne
  5. Androgynous
  6. Bi-gendered
  7. Butch
  8. Cross-dresser
  9. Drag king
  10. Drag queen
  11. Femme
  12. Femme queen
  13. Female-to-male
  14. FTM
  15. Gender bender
  16. Gender blender
  17. Gender gifted
  18. Gender fluid
  19. Genderqueer
  20. Hijra (Note: Wikipedia says “hijra” is a term used in South Asia, especially in India, to refer to trans women (male-to-female transgenders).
  21. Male-to-female
  22. MTF
  23. Non-binary transgender
  24. Non-op
  25. Pangender
  26. Person of transgender experience
  27. Third sex
  28. Trans
  29. Transexual/transsexual
  30. Trans person
  31. Two-spirit

America has become an insane asylum.

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H/t The Federalist Papers and FOTM’s maziel.


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