After signing pledge vowing to remove “hate speech” within 24 hours


Despite signing a pledge to remove “hate speech” within 24 hours, Facebook is refusing to delete a page entitled “I Want to F**king Kill Donald Trump” that has been online for almost two months.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it was teaming up with Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft and the European Union to stop “racist, violent and illegal content” by agreeing to review flagged posts within 24 hours and have them removed if necessary.

The company has also vowed to promote “independent counter-narratives” that encourage “non-discrimination, tolerance and respect.”

Despite being flagged by Facebook users on multiple occasions, a “cause” page entitled “I Want to F**king Kill Donald Trump” remains active over seven weeks after it was created.

The profile picture for the page features an image of Trump in make-up with a newspaper headline that reads “Dead Clown Walking”.

The most recent post on the page shows an image of Trump as a corpse and is captioned, “What is your weapon of choice?” above an image of a knuckle duster, a brick and a golf club.


When Brook Perkins complained directly to Facebook about the page, he was told it would be removed, but the company took no action.

“This is obviously a credible threat of violence,” Perkins told Infowars. “I reported the page and Facebook agreed with me, saying it violates community standards. So they said they would take it down. Alas, seconds later, the page is back up, if they even did take it down at all. Is Facebook actively and knowingly hosting content that violates their rules?”


Another Facebook user, Daniela V. Baetu, complained about the page five days ago, but it remains active.

The fact that the page has remained online since April 11 despite being flagged numerous times will bolster charges that Facebook has one rule for leftists and another for conservatives when it comes to policing “hate speech”.

The company came under scrutiny last month after it was revealed that Facebook workers routinely censor news stories with a pro-conservative bias to prevent them from appearing in the social network’s influential “trending” news section.

As we have repeatedly highlighted, while the mainstream media has given sympathetic coverage to efforts by social media giants to eliminate hate speech, it has largely ignored the multitude of death threats being made against Trump.

A rap song released in April entitled “F*ck Trump Anthem” that contained a number of violent threats towards the presidential candidate, including a vow to cave Trump’s head in with a shovel and a promise that if he visits Baltimore, Trump will “die,” was heralded as a viral protest anthem by sectors of the music media.

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Another track by hip-hop artists YG and Nipsey Hussle called “F**k Donald Trump” that openly invokes death threats and vows to stage riots if Trump wins the presidency also received positive reviews from, the Source, MTV and numerous other outlets. The song was performed live in front of 20,000 people at the Coachella music festival.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison