Remember all of those photos and videos of Arab Muslims stoning Jews and Jewish businesses in Israel that have been in the news for decades? For those same years, Israel was saying this was the face of Islam, but nobody listened. People in the West insisted that the Palestinians were just “economically deprived,” or they “needed more education,” or “there weren’t enough jobs,” or the Israelis were just plain “racist.”

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Well, history does have a funny way of not only repeating itself, but proving people wrong who deny its teachings and by extension, reality. Now the Dutch are, sadly, getting a taste of what the Israelis have been dealing with since 1948:

Violent actions of Muslim youths (especially of North African origin) toward persons and property belong to the Ramadan tradition in the Netherlands, as much as the Mathãus Passion of J.S. Bach to the days before Easter.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday (12 – 13 June) were city busses in the Dutch city of Haarlem pelted by heavy paving stones. A 25 y.o. passenger was hit and brought to the hospital with head injury. The window panes of the bus were broken to pieces.

In Almere had bus company CONNEXXION stop it’s services to the suburb Kruidenwijk after non stop attacks on city busses that had taken place three nights in a row. The busses were attacks by pelted heavy rocks committed by a group of 30 – 40 persons. Attacks on busses had also taking place in Utrecht and Zaandam.

As the Ethiopian proverb goes- ‘If you give a man advice and he does not listen, then you let adversity be his teacher.’

While I hope nobody gets hurt, I do proverbially hope these rocks will “knock some sense” into the Dutch and all of Western Europe, so they can stand up and, just like Israel, take all necessary means to combat the existential threat that Islam poses to all human society and which is now in Europe’s own back yard.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Article posted with permission from Article by Andrew Bieszad.