A potential “smoking-gun” for the Orlando gay-club shooting massacre has emerged, according to Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS. Corpian’s post was then reproduced by a number of sites, including G. Edward Griffin’s State of the Nation blog and HenryMakow.com.

Corpian’s claim is fourth-hand — that an unnamed former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS was told by two unnamed Santa Monica police officers that a 20-year-old man named James Wesley Howell, who was arrested by Santa Monica police on Sunday, June 12 (the same day as the Orlando gay-club shooting), with explosives and 3 assault rifles, said he was part of a CIA false-flag plan to launch attacks against gays on the east and west coasts.

Note that Howell is identified with his middle name, making his name James Wesley Howell, reminiscent of other 3-name political assassins in history — John Wilkes Booth (President Lincoln assassin), Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK assassin), James Earl Ray (Dr. Martin Luther King assassin), and Arthur Herman Bremer (attempted assassin of Gov. George Wallace).

Howell was part of the plan in California to attack a Los Angeles Gay Pride event; Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay-club shooter, was part of the plan in Florida.

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James Wesley Howell, 20Did you get that? —

  1. Get Off The BS reporter Brenda Corpian heard from
  2. a former L.A. County prosecutor, who heard from
  3. two Santa Monica police officers, who heard from
  4. James Wesley Howell, who said that . . . .

This much we can verify, which is that the Los Angeles Times reported on June 12, 2016, 6:15 p.m., that early that day, at about 5 a.m. in the 1700 block of 11th Street, Santa Monica, police received a call about a suspected prowler who was knocking on a resident’s door and window. Patrol officers responded and encountered Howell, who was sitting in a car registered in Indiana, containing three assault rifles, high-capacity ammunition and a 5-gallon bucket containing “chemicals capable of forming an improvised explosive device”. The L.A. Times account continues:

Authorities on Sunday were trying to determine the intentions of an Indiana man with a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosive-making materials in his car and apparent plans to attend the L.A. Pride festival in West Hollywood.

Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks initially said on Twitter that the 20-year-old man told one of her officers after he was arrested that he wanted “to harm Gay Pride event.”

But Lt. Saul Rodriguez said later the tweet was a misstatement. He said the suspect told investigators that he was going to the Pride festival but said he did not make additional statements about his intentions. […]

Federal and local law enforcement decided against canceling the annual parade, which went forward Sunday morning under tightened security. Investigators are now trying to piece together what happened but said they don’t believe there is any connection between the incident and the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., that killed at least 50 people overnight.

Here’s the unverified and unverifiable fourth-hand version, according to Brenda Corpian of Get Off The BS:

Sources within the Santa Monica police department claim that James Wesley Howell, an Indiana man who was caught with explosives and weapons on Sunday Morning, told the Santa Monica police that as many as five people were involved in planned attacks on gay communities in both Florida and California. […]

According to two department sources, Howell called the Santa Monica police on Sunday morning claiming that he needed protection from the CIA. Howell further elaborated to the dispatcher stating that he “had been set up by the CIA – they are going to kill me.”

According to Howell, he was supposed to “hook up” late Saturday night with his contact in LA — a man named Dan — who was supposed to have more weapons and explosives. But Dan never showed up. Howell went to Dan’s apartment, but Dan had cleared out; Howell tried calling Dan but he never answered. Howell said:

Everything has gone south. Dan was gone when I got here. They killed the leader of the Florida attack [Omar Mateen] this morning. They are going to kill me. I need protection.”

Howell only knew the first names of three of the other four people involved in the plot: Dan and two contacts in Florida, Omar and Brandy. Referring to Omar Mateen, Howell said,

“Omar was not supposed to be killed. They [CIA] lied to us – Omar and Brandy were supposed to get away.”

When Howell was questioned about how he and his co-conspirators knew each other, he said:

“We were all familiar with each other through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course[1] – we were recruited through the course and trained together at a camp in Virginia – we were taught how to shoot and make bombs – everyone knew their part – something went wrong….”

Before the Santa Monica officers could further question Howell, agents working for the Los Angeles office of the FBI quickly swept in, took over the case, and put a gag order on the Santa Monica detectives.

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