With 100% of ballots counted, it is being reported that Brits have voted to leave the European Union with a 51.9% majority.

Several media sources are also now reporting that British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation, effective October:

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British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Friday morning that he will step down as prime minister in the fall, saying the country needs “fresh leadership.”

His announcement follows UK voters’ historic referendum decision to leave the European Union.

He said he will continue as prime minister with his cabinet for the next three months, and will step down in time for the Conservative party’s conference.

“I love this country and feel honored to have served it,” Cameron said. “Will of British people must be respected,”

He added, “The British people have spoken….This was not a decision taken lightly. There can be no doubt about the result. I will reassure the markets that British economy is strong. This will require strong leadership. I’ve been proud to be prime minister for 6 years.

Make no mistake, this is a vote for independence, and against the emerging New World Order, by the British people. The Muslim invasion of Europe has certainly been one issue at the forefront of the debate.

As Pamela Geller, who is actually “Banned in Britainnotes, “The fascists at the EU have been given their walking papers and I suspect we will hear the rest of Europe beating a path to the exit doors. The fact is, this is all about the Muslim invasion — and we here in America are going to have a similar referendum in November. This looks very good for Trump, I might add.”

Whether, or not, Pamela’s assessment of why the Brits voted to leave is 100% correct, the proud British people have sent a very clear message to the world. They are a sovereign nation that will not be dictated to.

We have just witnessed a rare victory for Freedom and a huge blow against the globalists of the New World Order.

Will Americans strike a similar blow in November?