Anger as FBI recommends no charges for former Secretary of State


Many Americans reacted furiously to the FBI’s announcement that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges over her email scandal, with some asserting that since the former Secretary of State appears to be above the law, they would also now refuse to follow it.

“Why should we follow the law when our leaders don’t?” asked one respondent, adding, “This Clinton bullshit has sealed the deal for me. We are ruled by a corrupt cabal that is above the law.”

“If Clinton wins, I’m not paying taxes anymore or following federal laws,” wrote another, adding, “Simple as that. It’s over. They can jail or kill me, I don’t care. I’d rather live as a free American for a day, then spend a lifetime under criminals.”

“If Hillary Clinton is not indicted why should I ever follow another law? I’ve played by the rules my entire life. Every day,” wrote another enraged American.

Innumerable people on Twitter also asked why they should bother to follow the law given that it doesn’t even appear to apply to the nation’s highest elected representatives.

Reaction from commentators was also vehement, with Dinesh D’Souza warning that the FBI Director Comey’s statement will only encourage the Clintons’ criminal behavior.

Blogger Matt Walsh highlighted the appalling double standard that has now been set.

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Pundit Ben Shapiro said that today’s outcome represented “Lawlessness at the highest level.”

YouTube icon Stefan Molyneux said the decision served as a reminder for this generation that the system is totally corrupt.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison