Diamond Reynolds would be considered a ‘racist’ by ‘Black Lives Matter’

diamond reynolds

The girlfriend of Philando Castile, the black man shot dead by police during a traffic stop that was broadcast live on Facebook, has publicly pleaded for people not to use the issue to stoke racial division, telling reporters yesterday, “all lives matter”.

During a tearful explanation of what happened during the incident, which has garnered global attention, Diamond ‘Lavish’ Reynolds urged all races to unite

“Everyone will see that this was a very detrimental situation….to everybody in this community, everybody in this world, not just blacks, not just whites, not just Asians but everyone, this affected everyone,” said Reynolds.

“Not black lives matter – all lives matter – every single life out here matters, no matter the color, the race, the nationality, we all deserve to be heard,” she added.

Reynolds’ use of the phrase “all lives matter” is interesting given that ‘Black Lives Matter’ leaders have repeatedly claimed that the term represents a disparaging racial remark.

Back in February, Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Jenae Johnson told Fox News’ John Roberts that the phrase “all lives matter” is a “new racial slur”.

Leftist commentators have also repeatedly insisted that saying “all lives matter” is racist. Just yesterday, Advocate.com writer Rachel Lewis asserted that, “when you say #AllLivesMatter, whether you mean to or not, you’re being racist.”

If saying “all lives matter” is racist, then the black woman who is currently garnering global sympathy over what happened to her black boyfriend at the hands of police is a racist.

As the video below documents, ‘Black Lives Matter’ has failed as a movement.

More black people are being killed by other black people because of the “Ferguson effect” – cops refusing to patrol dangerous, high crime areas, police brutality is still a huge problem, and racial animosity has only increased.

It’s time for black people to reject ‘Black Lives Matter’ and form a truly inclusive movement that can properly address police brutality without devolving into divisive race-baiting.

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