Governor of Indiana supports stealth amnesty, TPP, NAFTA


Reports that Mike Pence is set to be announced as Donald Trump’s VP pick today have set off alarm bells amongst many Trump supporters because of the Governor of Indiana’s pro-amnesty, pro-TPP advocacy.

(Editor’s note: Paul Joseph Watson’s editorial was first published yesterday as “Mike Pence Would Be a Terrible Choice For Trump’s VP”. Shortly after we republished his piece this morning, Pence was in fact announced as Trump’s vice-presidential choice.)

Making Pence VP is seen by many as a way of calming establishment conservatives and uniting the GOP, although why pandering to conservatives who have failed over and over again (John McCain, Mitt Romney etc etc) is suddenly a good idea remains a mystery.

Here are more reasons why picking Pence doesn’t make sense;

– While Trump has promised to build a wall, Pence has been savaged by respected conservatives like Pat Buchanan and Phyllis Schlafly for advocating “stealth amnesty” in the form of a guest worker program.

– While Trump has campaigned against job-killing foreign trade deals, Pence vehemently supports NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP.

– As recently as December, Pence tweeted, “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” This completely contradicts Trump’s policy of a temporary halt on Muslim immigration.

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– Pence voted for the Iraq war and opposed a withdrawal date even after it became apparent that U.S. involvement in the country was a disastrous policy.

– Pence once advocated “conversion therapy” for homosexuals. This will be exploited by the left to portray Pence as intolerant and bigoted, turning off many Bernie Sanders supporters who might have voted for Trump, as well as gays who were thinking about voting for Trump in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre.

– Pence is not a woman. Picking a female would have completely neutralized Hillary Clinton’s sole campaign platform, one bolstered by the media, which is the fact that Hillary has a vagina.

Hopefully, the Pence leak is just the Trump campaign testing the waters before a final call is made.

Trump’s campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said that “a decision has not been made,” and the Indianapolis Star did not provide a source for its Pence leak.

The overwhelmingly negative reaction from many of Trump’s hardcore supporters should serve as a big wake up call and hopefully lead to the announcement of someone other than Pence to be Trump’s running mate.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison