Agenda 21: New Senate Bill “Ramrods U.S. Citizens and Hands Over Their Lands”

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“…give it away, give it away, give it away, now…”

Red Hot Chili Peppers

As it would appear, the Red Hot Chili Peppers gained a new member in their band by the name of Senator Steve Daines (R), Montana.  Daines cannot resist giving away what is not his to give away, the norm these days rather than the exception for elected officials.  The other “norm” is to keep submitting legislation until they sneak, pass, force, or redact it into law.  Daines is a kind of quiet, unassuming man who is conservative at first appearance and first words.  He was opposed to the CKST (Consolidated Kootenai & Salish Tribes) Water Compact that has been ratified into state law and is now merely awaiting Federal approval (and funding, naturally).

This little piece is different.  That damnable demon of the USC has been raised, cited, and utilized to “justify” under the color of law a new Senate Bill’s introduction that will affect the whole country if it is passed, flat out.  The existing legislation can be found under 25USC3115 and 25USC3104.  The new bill proposes this:

Turning over huge tracts of Federal Forest lands – any federally managed forest area that is within a 200-mile radius of an Indian Reservation – and hand over management of that land to the Indian Tribes.

That’s right, and a portion of what comes up in the screenshot of the introduced bill reads “the Secretary concerned may treat Federal forest land as Indian forest land for purposes of planning and conducting forest land management activities.”  It doesn’t beat around the bush, does it?  Now the CKST water compact, if you have read my past articles regarding it is Montana State law, and the state has committed to $11 million toward instituting control of all surface and subsurface water in Northwestern Montana.

It is an Agenda 21 measure to take over the outlying areas.  Montana only raised $3 million, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the grand total of $57 million estimated that is needed to put meters on all private wells, turn over the “management” to the Indian tribes, and the enforcement over to DHS.  This water, incidentally, is all off-reservation water…not even water on Tribal lands.

Subsequently to that monstrosity being signed into law and “removing” the rights of citizens to their water came Weyerhaeuser.  They bought out Plum Creek, the only self-sustaining plywood mill in Northwestern Montana located in Columbia Falls.  Now comes the news that they’re shutting down the whole plant, firing 200+ employees, and using their interests in the area to buy more timber while transferring ownership of a large percentage of their lands to the Federal Government…specifically the USFS and the BLM.

Now enter Daines and his hokey “management” bill that essentially ramrods the United States citizens and hands over their lands to the Tribes, who have declared themselves to be sovereign nation.  Representative Ryan Zinke (R), MT, is backing Daines measure and pursuing legislation in a similar vein.

All of this is proof positive of Alex Jones’ “Illusion of Choice” platform regarding political parties and elections as being illusory and only to mollify a public whose freedoms and rights have already been stolen from them.

Montana alone has 7 Indian reservations, so judging by the radius suggested in the Daines proposed legislation, does that mean after it’s signed into law the entire state will be “managed” by the Indian tribes?  How will this affect other areas of the country with vast tracts of Federal Forest lands?

The big question: How much did one of the oligarchs behind the scenes either slip or promise Daines to obtain his service toward the Agenda 21 objectives?

There are no Republicans or Democrats…just “soft” Marxists and Marxists.  There is no representation for the American people, just “paper people” who jump up and down on a platform until they’re elected…and then either do a complete one-eighty or subtly hack away at our rights akin to termites for money or additional political power.  Mind you, they’re worse than “phonies” because they know exactly what they’re doing, and they don’t care…as long as their interests and families are taken care of.  That is how they justify giving away what is not theirs…and even taking a piece of it for themselves.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.


  1. Oh, so what you are really saying that the Indians finally get control of their land back that was stolen, raped, sodomized, exploited and destroyed over the last 2 centuries. Jeremiah Johnson is a Hypocrite, as he is EX Military that went over to foreign countries and destroyed, stole, raped, sodomized and stole resources for the Fascist State called Wallstreet and the Military Industrial Complex Mafia. And now he claims it is happening to him. This is NOT Agenda 21 at all. And that is not even his real name, as he hides behind that fake JJ name to mask his real agenda which is, he is now having to pay for the water theft he has committed and has been exploiting for years without just compensation, along with his other ignorant thieving neighbors. Go pound sand Hypocrite JJ with your 3 cats hiding in your cabin in the Mountains. You have been exposed. You want the truth, There you go. What’s your real name JJ? Come out of the closet, and stop hiding like a coward behind that fake JJ name.

  2. Article is a must read for those People involved with the CSKT Water Compact, national elections fraud and implementation of a Communist tyrannical dictatorship. The “norm” for Congress and the Executive Branch “…is to keep submitting legislation until they sneak, pass, force, or redact it into law”. The Communists are “progressively” taking away our rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The Federal Government is imposing administrative law, our so-called Representatives no longer represent the People and the Courts are issuing colluding opinions based on the Communist Manifesto. Throw them all out of office. Take Back America!

    • I can only imagine who wrote the script they’ll be reading from and what it will say but you can bet it will be so far away from the truth your head will spin.

  3. 14th amendment “citizens of the United States” are DC subjects and have no rights. Read the 14th for yourself.

  4. HOW did it happen?
    From LOOSING reason.
    From unshackling the foundations from our original structure IN God’s LAW.
    From rejecting the SUM of Gods word for humanistic reason.
    From changing laws and injecting tolerance for evil.
    Abasing themselves from the love of the truth to support a lie.
    Describe it how you like, rejecting Yahweh’s Moral compass – has fueled the fire, and the hearts of the people which use to quench oppressors, fans the flames with tolerance and unmerited sympathy for evil doers.

  5. Giving Indians control of US water supply is too insane to imagine. But the GOP
    Congress is the stupidest in history. Where are the forces to stop this??? This is
    yet another nail in the coffin of states’ rights.

    • Kingdom Ambassador, aka Ted R. Weiland wants to abolish the U.S. Constitution and he misconstrues God’s word for his personal agenda.

  6. Ever notice that every time the government takes action it’s always an action to deprive American citizens of something ?

    • Always. Every single time. What are we going to do about it? We have to do something. Somebody clue me in please because I just recently became aware.

      • Well the government has pretty much taken away all legal recourse we had available .Petitions and protests have proven largely unsuccessful.. So we are down to basically two options . One is to allow the government to continue it’s tyrannical actions and settle for being controlled in every aspects of our lives .This option will result in large scale deaths and our children living in slavery in all but name .The second option is the same our forefathers took when faced with such tyranny.Take up arms and remove the tyrants by force.This action also will result in many deaths but our children and grandchildren.I am not saying which is right or wrong as many will prefer to live under the yoke os tyranny . I know which one I will choose when the time comes . will live free instead of as slaves .

        • I have learned so much since I opened my eyes and started using my own mind again. I remember knowing something was wrong when All Gore won, then lost, and when 9/11 happened. But I stopped caring and became apathetic instead of trying to determine what was happening…I have been generally angry and outraged by almost everything the Fed Govt has done with regard to the blatant and overt injustices seemingly constantly perpetrated on the common man and woman but no one around me seemed to care. and then I would hear people saying things like “well, if it’s going to keep me and my family safe from terrorists, I don’t mind giving up my civil liberties and personal freedom” and I would think and wonder if everyone had lost their minds or if I was losing mine. I would tell people that I felt like I was turning stupid and little did I know, I actually was being brainwashed into stupidity by mainstream media, the entertainment establishment, television, and corporate America. I now know what it was I have been trying to escape from for so many years and that is the impending doom that awaits and those responsible for it. Like you, I will not further allow myself to be a slave or sheeple and my children most certainly will not be. It seems i am alone in all this though because no one else I know and/or love is ready to hear it. I am no longer living in fear of the Boogeyman and I do have hope. I am not alone either because God is on our side here.

          • i
            I post and shout and generally cause a nuisance of myself at times trying to get people to wake up and see what is actually happening around them . If I can wake up one person then I have accomplished something . But people look at me and think I’m crazy . My own daughter told my granddaughter that I had weird political ideas and not to listen to anything I said .This from a woman who votes on whoever has the best looking tie on .People are uncomfortable with the truth.They don’t want to hear about having to be responsible for their life or their freedom .They don’t realize that freedom has to be paid for every day they live.They don’t see history as repeating itself .They don’t see that the government is no longer for the people but for the corrupted tyrannical egotistical hypocritical power mad elitists .We are nearly to the point of Nazi Germany .

          • The grim reality of what has been done to us and what is being done is very hard to accept or even believe possible, and I can most certainly see why people choose to stay in denial and refuse to believe what you and others like you are saying and showing them. My old man is fighting everything i say and defending the known enemies, telling me not to talk about this in front of our child, but he knows I have a good mind. that is just how powerful his need is to stay blind to it for now. I don’t know what more proof people need at this point of THEIR utter disregard for us. But it has to start with someone. and you are right about getting one person to wake up and see or at least seek the Truth for themselves. That is definitely a start. Keep up the good work, my friend.

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