the collapse of americaHow much longer can insider machinations keep financial markets propped up? And how will they keep markets from collapsing when the world panics like it did at the start of the year and again following the Brexit vote?

According to K92 Mining President Bryan Slusarchuk, there’s not much ammunition left for central bankers and governments because they’ve already taken excessive and unprecedented steps in an attempt to contain the situation. Unfortunately for the masses, there really is no plan other than to continue destroying the value of currencies around the world. And that, says Slusarchuk in his latest interview with SGT Report, is why you need to act before the crowd and position yourself for the inevitable:

You’ve seen these fiat currencies around the world intrinsically become worth less and less… and at the same time you have smart money that understands this isn’t going to end well and when it doesn’t end well you better have some exposure to hard assets like gold and silver. Gold has withstood the test of time as a store of value and as a currency, in fact, for thousands of years… Just because a group of central bankers in the last 50 years has thought contrary to that fact doesn’t make them right.

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It’s going to be very challenging for them to dig the world economy out of the hole when it starts to retreat hard. And that’s when the big payday will come for investors that have taken the prudent position of looking at gold as a hedge against all of this economic uncertainty.

Watch the full interview with Bryan Slusarchuk of K92 Mining:


Slusarchuk’s reasoning is simple:

Smarty money is definitely getting nervous about the big macro environment. Smart money understands that there are $13 trillion in bonds that carry negative interest rates.

What bullets do the central bankers and the big governments around the world have when things start to go sideways?

I liken the situation we’re in now and the situation that everybody experienced in 2008 when you saw Lehman collapse and Bear Stearns collapse. I think that collapse will look like a walk in the park compared to what we’re facing globally now… and the reason that I believe that, unlike 2008, the cartel of central bankers don’t have the ammunition like they did at that point to rapidly reduce interest rates and to rapidly stimulate the economy through excessive fiscal measures… You had the combination of monetary and fiscal policy at that point that really threw every bit of ammunition they had at the problem… what are they going to do this time?

You can either get wiped out when markets eventually realize that government statistics and corporate earnings are nothing more than conjecture, or you can position yourself to take advantage of the next global detonation with hard assets:

They key is to act before the rest of the crowd. You don’t want to miss the coming bull market by being late.

The fact is, nobody in the mainstream is talking about gold and silver yet in a big way… A couple of years ago when we were looking at this [K92 gold mining] asset people wanted to run, not walk, away from gold assets.

We took a contrarian view and were able to pick this up very inexpensively.

Now, smart money is coming into gold equities… you’re starting to see a very nice move but the biggest moves will come in these gold and silver equities when we see the raging gold and silver market that really looks like the global environment is setting up for.

These fiat currencies can only go one way because what is backing the fiat currencies up are mere promises to pay. Promises to honor the value in these fiat currencies from bankers and governments that have really diminished their credibility… and I think they’re going to have more and more diminishment in their credibility as things get ugly out there worldwide.

How can they not get ugly with the amount of fiscal debt and the insanity of the monetary policy of central banks around the world?

Given the choice between banker promises to pay on ever-depreciating fiat currencies or gold, the answer should be clear.

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