While outgoing DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz had a few supporters in the crowd at the DNC in Philly, people who will obviously support anyone no matter how openly and blatantly corrupt and full of crap they are, those people were overpowered by the overwhelming numbers of people in the crowd who are pissed at the Democratic National Committee for rigging the entire election for Hillary Clinton.

It gets really good right about the time people start yelling “shame! shame! shame!” at her.

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Although, outside they were straight up yelling, “F*ck you Debbie!”

After her unfortunate appearance, Schultz had to be removed to safety by convention security after she was essentially heckled and booed off stage. Word now is she’s leaving the convention early.

But Wasserman Schultz wasn’t the only one getting booed at the DNC yesterday. People know they’ve been had and are flaming mad about it. Here they are at the beginning of the day already chanting “Wikileaks! Wikileaks!” on the convention floor.

People also gave Nancy Pelosi an ear full when she tried to speak at the delegation breakfast Monday morning:

The crowd who supports him even booed Bernie Sanders himself for saying they “have to” elect Hillary Clinton.

Basically any time anyone at the DNC so far as mentioned Hillary Clinton, they were booed by the crowd. It wasn’t much better for Hill outside either, as Bernie supporters chanted “Lock her up! Lock her up!” outside Philly city hall.

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Then again, look at these people. Hillary, evil as always, with her new little minion who looks like he can’t wait to kill something and eat it raw.


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