Bernie Sanders threatened with loss of Senate committee position if he didn’t endorse Hillary

Watching Sen. Bernie Sanders hoarsely shouting his praises of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention — and knowing that the hacked emails of the corrupt Democratic National Committee (DNC) reveal its machinations to undermine Bernie’s campaign — did you wonder as I did why Bernie would be so servile? The Yiddish words schmuck and schlemiel come to mind.

I thought that Hillary probably bought Bernie off with promises of some plum assignment in her administration. But I should know better because the Clintons are nasty pieces of work who wouldn’t use the carrot when the stick is so much cheaper and more effective.

Reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen says Bernie Sanders was threatened with the loss of his ranking position on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee if he did not endorse Hillary with enthusiasm.

Chucky Schumer

Hillary’s hatchet-man cum errand-boy to deliver the threat was Senator Charles “Chucky” Schumer (D-NY), uncle of the insufferable “comedienne” Amy Schumer. As the incoming Senate Minority Leader, Chucky Schumer will determine committee chairs and assignments if the Demonrats win back control of the Senate in the November election.

Hey, Bernie supporters! How do you like them rotten apples?

Are you still gonna BOHICA, just like your man, Bernie?

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Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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  1. Oh come on. This is ridiculous. Had Bernie not endorsed, and Schumer stripped him of his committee role, everybody knows the shit-storm that would unleash, and it would not be pretty for the Establishment. Sure, they could do it, but the price would be too high.

    Get a grip. Bernie said when he threw his hat in the ring that he would endorse the eventual winner. Bernie is also someone with a very consistent history of keeping his word.

  2. These threats were just a smoke screen and the scum who helped make Bernie look bad; but he would never fold for this. He endured much worse. The truth is out there and the fact is as soon as Bernie was forced to give up his secret service detail the real threats came that involved lives. Everyone knows he endured a professional assault at the DNC. Come on folks! Don’t be so stupid! Bernie is a stand up guy. Every Senator who mocked or yanked on Bernie better prepare to lose your seat! We can’t do anything about the Clintons/cabal for threatening lives – which Bernie is saving by stomping for the fraud Clinton – but we can take you out of office in Nov. BTW: I’m writing Bernie in! Everyone should! He won by a landslide and we were cheated of our right to fair elections. I hope Clinton goes to jail before Nov and Bernie is restored to his rightful position as our real nominee. It’s in the courts now and if Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis get their way, Bernie will be POTUS LEGALLY!

  3. Fine and good, I believe you… but then, who do you vote for? Because Trump is not an alternative…

  4. Ranking position on The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee? If it’s true, he’s not doing his job anyway!

  5. What was we going to do, redo the election?? I’m a Bernie supporter too. Bernie did not make any concessions, Bernie got EVERYTHING he wanted from Hillary, it was Hillary that made concessions. Knowing that she would not have won this election without him. Don’t believe this bull, it is just propaganda coming out of the Trump Campaign. Don’t believe it. As a matter of fact the revolution continues with Bernie’s leadership, we still have a lot to do. We must get rid of the dead weight in Congress making it a strong Democratic Congress. People don’t understand that Congress has as much power as a President if not more!

    • Don’t believe it! Bernie ran to win and he DID! He won the primaries by a landslide and there is irrefutable proof. It’s in the courts now. Clinton is a fraud who threatened Bernie’s family if he didn’t comply. We need to stand behind Bernie and write him in at the polls if he doesn’t get his rightful nominee title back before Nov. We’ve been cheated of him and he of us. This has to end! Clean out Capitol Hill and don’t cave to these fake stories.

  6. I have a Facebook friend who just blindly shares your articles. I am positive that he never reads more than the headline before he hits the “Share” button, but I do read the articles. And, almost without exception, I feel stupid for wasting my mental energy on the crap that you guys publish. I am curious as to how you guys select stories to publish. Do you hear a story that fits your narrative and simply regurgitate it without checking anything? Or, do you sit around and just make stuff up?

    The premise of this article is the theory that Bernie is at risk of losing his “ranking position” on the “prestigious” Senate VA Committee. Well, that is just about as bogus as bogus can get. First, Bernie does not hold the ranking position on the VA committee. The ranking minority member of the Senate VA Committee is Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). Bernie is just a regular member; look it up. Second, the Senate VA Committee is most certainly NOT a “prestigious” committee. Its members are comprised of freshmen senators and senators of little political consequence (such as, Bernie Sanders prior to his bid for POTUS). It’s a do-nothing gig that rubberstamps VA funding bills.

    OK, so even if Bernie does not have a ranking position and even if the VA is a chump assignment, it is still an assignment. Maybe Bernie was afraid of losing his committee assignment? Nope again. There are something like 80 Senate committees and subcommittees but there are only 100 senators. Most senators serve on between 8 and 12 different committees and subcommittees. Bernie, in fact, currently serves on the following Senate committees and subcommittees:
    – Committee on the Budget
    – Committee on Environment and Public Works
    – Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety
    – Subcommittee on Green Jobs and the New Economy
    – Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure
    – Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
    – Subcommittee on Energy
    – Subcommittee on National Parks
    – Subcommittee on Water and Power
    – Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
    – Subcommittee on Children and Families
    – Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, ranking member
    – Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
    Bernie will necessarily be assigned to a half dozen to a dozen committees so long as he is a member of the U.S. Senate.

    OK, OK, maybe Bernie was simply scared that Chucky would control his fate. Errrk! Wrong again. Bernie’s Senate seat is not assigned to the Democrat Party (Yes, it is in fact the “Democrat Party”, not the “Democratic Party”). Even though Sanders caucuses with the Democrats, he won his Senate seat as an independent, not a Democrat. According to the Senate rules, committee assignments for Independent and 3rd-Party members are made by the Majority leadership. Chucky Cheese would have no say in Bernie’s committee assignments unless the Democrats win back majority control of the Senate.

    And finally, please cite the name of one credible political analyst who believes the Democrats have a snowball’s chance of winning back control of the Senate in 2016. A Trump victory could possibly result in a Democrat-controlled Senate in 2018, but Bernie’s term is up that year. Does any credible analyst believe that he is going to run for Senate again at age 77? Trust me, in 2018 Bernie is going to be a good Jew and retire to either Florida or Arizona.

    I guess journalism is dead, and fact-checking and critical analysis are lost arts. All you guys do now is regurgitate hear-say that aligns with your political narrative. You should be ashamed to call yourselves journalists.

    • “Chucky Cheese would have no say in Bernie’s committee assignments unless the Democrats win back majority control of the Senate.”

      Did you read the article?

      “As the incoming Senate Minority Leader, Chucky Schumer will determine committee chairs and assignments ***if the Demonrats win back control of the Senate in the November election.***”

      • The point was, there is not “stick.” Schumer control is extremely unlikely, Sanders has nothing to lose because his current seats are already of low stature, and Sanders only has 2 years left in his term. Ergo, the entire premise of the article is unfounded.

  7. Wake me to tell me that all the Shumers, Bloombergs and Clintons have been abducted by some lunatic fringe and I can rejoice that our world is better off.

  8. Hey, has anyone considered that this could be RW horseshit posted for the sole purpose of dividing us further??? Use your heads….this could all be BS, like so much else that has been said lately.

          • Aside from the already professional assault he suffered, there is word from veterans organizations that seem to “be in the know” that Bernie’s grandchildren were threatened. I cannot prove this; nor can I verify it. But it makes sense that using sleazy senators, like Schumer to make Bernie look weak, is a cover for the real issue: death threats. Bernie worked too hard to win and he DID! He knew that the primaries had been rigged and that he already had independent election monitors ready to file suit in his behalf. He would never have given up his secret service detail and gone stomping for Hillary when his plan was to go to the convention and fight for the nomination based on his popularity against Trump; NOTHING adds up! Use your gut not what you see; what you feel. Clinton and the cabal are behind this.

  9. Hillary caught on video in the midst of a seizure, Hillary has not given a press conference in about a year, Now you can see for your self what she has been afraid of happening on camera.

  10. Take hillary down – take them all down and put them in jail and do NOT re-elect sanders because he too sold us out in favor of his own selfish interests. This will never end until WE end it.

    • Marlene U R EXACTLY right! but the whole democratic party is selfish, corrupt liars, and right down evil! It is time Americans fight back. Everyone vote for Trump, making it a landslide and they WILL be sorry. However, Americans will win in ALL directions!

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