Clinton Campaign: Russia Rigging US Election by Exposing How We Rigged Election

DAVOS-KLOSTERS/SWITZERLAND, 28JAN09 - Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation captured during the 'Opening Plenary of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009' at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 28, 2009. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Remy Steinegger

Nick Bernabe | ANTIMEDIA

Philadelphia, PA — Russia is manipulating the 2016 U.S. presidential election by leaking hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) servers — emails that show the DNC rigged and manipulated the Democratic primary in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Call it an exercise in hypocrisy, or call it a deflection to detract from the fact that America’s political process is corrupt beyond belief. Either way, this is the narrative prevailing in the media as the Democratic Party, led by Clinton surrogates, attempts to downplay its own internal corruption by pinning the blame on Russia in what can be described as a “neo-Red Scare.”

For those living under a rock, the issue at hand is Friday’s WikiLeaks DNC email dump, which showed coordination within the Democratic Party to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign while working to uplift Hillary Clinton. The revelations led DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz — long suspected of favoring Clinton over Sanders, even before Friday’s leaks — to resign in shame as the Democratic Convention was set to begin (she was hired shortly after by the Clinton campaign).

But rather than owning up to the corruption and literal rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary, the DNC and Clinton campaign have deferred to a relatively common political tactic: blame someone else. This time, the Russians are the culprit, claims the newly anti-Russian Democratic Party. The Russians, according to the Democrats, are supposedly trying to undermine Hillary Clinton by exposing the DNC’s corruption.

Sure, some experts believe it is possible Russia was behind the DNC hack, but other experts disagree. The truth of the matter is that it’s too early to know because the facts are not in yet. However, that has not stopped a flood of mainstream news stories from saying they’re “Almost Certain Russia Is Behind the DNC Email Leak,” with an investigation being conducted by the experts at the FBI.

However, it would be tough for any U.S. official to claim the moral high ground, considering America runs the largest hacking operation in the world — the NSA — which routinely targets foreign governments. It even spies on U.S. allies.

Perhaps the energy being funneled into the investigation should be directed elsewhere, like toward the documented facts released in the DNC leaks and how they undermine the entire notion that America is a democratic country. You’d think maybe the media would take that kind of information a little more seriously — instead of re-invoking unproven cold war-era Red Scare propaganda. Maybe.

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  1. who cares who leaked it. It is the substance that matters. DNC, Hillary & Obama want you to ignore the substance and pay attention to who or what leaked it.

  2. I would only use the word, “RIGGING,” as it applies to the 2008 and the 2012 Federal
    Elections, in which this worthless Black turd and his girlfriend, George Soros, the
    former NAZI in his native country of Hungary, rigged both elections. Now, Hillary Rotten
    Clinton maintains the same mentality. Rigging an election is part of her M.O., under
    the direction of this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim
    POTUS. There is no difference between these three turds. The current worthless
    POS in not an eligible candidate for the office that he has held for the past 8 years,
    thus making him a criminal; George Soros is a crimiinal, for the simple fact that during
    WW2, in is native Hungary, he joined a group of NAZI thugs to evict JEWS from their
    homes, and confiscated their property, for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich; Hillary
    Rotten Clinton, is another criminal at large, using her position as Secretar of State to
    wangle deals with foreign countries, by accepting donations in the millions to be sent
    to her tax-free Clinton Foundation, using her private server so that it could not be
    monitored by the U.S Government, which has led to her private server being hacked
    by foreign governments, putting our national secrets and our agents lives, in jeopardy
    solely because she cares only for money and power. She could give a shit less about
    the American people. She is a Communist by trade, after becoming the lover of
    Saul Alinsky whom thorougly brain-washed her in becoming the Communist that she
    is today. We Americans must all ensure that his wicked witch from the East, never
    steps foot in the White House in the future, especially for the part that she played
    the Benghazi Fiasco, where she did not honor too many requests of our American
    Ambassador, Chris Stevens, to increase their security in Libya. Then, on the
    anniversary of 9/11, 2001, the MUSLIMS struck once more on 9/11 2012, attacking
    our American compound and never sending in a rescue mission to save our poor, 4
    Americans whom were fighting for their lives, with the expectation that they would
    be rescued. But, this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, did not implement
    a rescue mission either, and instead, he went to bed (or so the story is imparted),
    because he had an important appointment in Las Vegas to seek donations for his
    2012 election. In addition, this Black turd and Hillary Clinton did not initiate a rescue
    mission because it might have exposed their plots to run guns to al Qaeda and to
    kidnap the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, and trade him for the bing sheik
    being held incarceration in the States. If any of these two plots had been exposed, then this Black turd would have surely not been re-elected. In other words, as
    Commander-in-Thief, this Black turd deemed our 4 Americans, as expendable. Had
    our 4 Americans been Black or Muslim, you can bet your sweet ass, they would have
    been rescued. Hillary Rotten Clinton, has not earned her position to maintain her
    likeness as the 45th POTUS, to be retained in our hIstory books. So let it be im-
    parted, so let it be written, and so let it be enforced, yesterday. And now, you know the rest of the story. Or do you?

  3. They stepped in it bigtime those Commie Progressive’s of USA.

    FBI didn’t like getting punked by Hitlery and Comey so they leaked it.

    Pick a clue.

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