The term “useful idiot” refers to people, typically liberals/progressives/socialists/communists, who support what they think is a worthy cause — the true agenda of which is concealed from them (thus, “idiot”) — and so end up being used by the puppeteers as propaganda tools (thus, “useful”) or worse, cannon fodder.

Are you a white useful idiot wracked with guilt over slavery that your distant ancestors might or might not have comitted? Never mind the fact that:

  1. Slavery in America ended more than 150 years or 6 generations ago.
  2. Only 1.4% of Americans owned black slaves in the U.S., among whom were blacks.
  3. No white alive today had ever been a slave-owner (excepting S-M “masters” and “dominatrixes”).
  4. No black alive today had ever been a slave (unless they’re willing S-M slaves).
  5. Almost all descendants of American slaves are mixed with some European and Native American blood. According to a DNA study by researchers at Penn State University, the average Black American is 17-18% white, with blacks in Seattle-Tacoma being the most — 26.5% — white.

If so, I have good news for you!

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A very enterprising woman in Seattle has created a website for you to work off your irrational guilt (see nos. 1-5 above) by giving “reparations” to blacks.

The website Reparations was founded by by Seattle-based “conceptual artist” Natasha Marin who, from her pic, looks to be more white than the half-white Barack Obama.

Natasha MarinThe way the Reparations website works is as follows:

Blacks, referred to as “persons of color” (POC), post their requests on the website, including requests for someone to pay their rent and phone bills, free laptops, a Kindle EBook Reader, recording studio access, and just outright cash.

White “useful idiots” give “reparations” by answering the requests. When I went on the website, posted on its front page are “offerings” of psychological counseling, “spiritual guidance” via channeling, electrical/handyman services, personal finance or insurance assistance, coffee or dinner, and homework help or tutoring.

Here are some examples:

POC 3: I need groceries.

White Person 3: “I’ll get them for you. PM me and I’ll send an Amazon Fresh or Safeway delivery. You just pick out what you want. I have a $200 limit.”

POC 4: I’m too upset to make dinner. I live in Seattle.

White Person 4: “Come over to my house for dinner, bring a friend if you like. PM me and I’ll send you the address, or can I order delivery to you? What kind of food do you like?”

POC 6: I want to scream and cuss at someone.

White Person 6: “I volunteer as tribute. How do we set this up?”

POC 7: I want to escape this cruel world in a *Specific Videogame* but can’t afford it on Steam right now. This is not a crisis, I just don’t trust people easily and want to see if this works.

White Person 7: Thank you for giving me the chance to do something concrete and relatively easy. I was quietly hating myself for doing nothing.

H/t InfoWars and Gigi.


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds