Benghazi Hero’s Father: Hillary Clinton “Stood In Front of My Son’s Flag Draped Casket and Lied”



Tyrone Woods was killed in the firefight that ensued in Benghazi, Libya during an Islamic jihadist attack on September 11, 2012. He was one of four Americans to die that fateful night while America’s leaders, including Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah and Hillary Clinton were nestled in their beds not caring what they were facing. Now, Woods’ father, Charles, has come out and said openly that Hillary Clinton “stood in front of my son’s flag draped casket and lied to the American people.”

Charles Woods told Stuart Varney of FOX News, “When the bodies were returned to America, there was a large room. There were four pots where the four different families, where there were couches and things like that and then the different people such as Joe Biden, such as the president, such as Leon Panetta.”

“Hillary Clinton came around to each group and she spoke individually to each family member while she was being escorted by the secret service people,” he added. “That’s what she told me.”

“And I had — I had never even met Pat Smith,” Woods continued. “She was probably in some other part of the building but Hillary said exactly the same thing to her. She blamed the attack on the video. And not only that she lied to the Gold Star families — we are talking about a half-hour, 45 minutes later when we had the casket ceremony. She stood in front of my son’s flag draped casket and lied to the American people. What she did there, she blamed the rage directed towards the American embassies on quote/unquote that awful video that we had nothing to do with. And she lied not only the Gold Star families, she also lied to the American people.”

However, during the course of her presidential race, Clinton has said the Pat Smith was absolutely wrong about saying that she claimed a video was the reason for the attack when asked if she lied about it; and we have the documentation to prove it. Here’s the video evidence.

In fact, Hillary’s lies are so apparent that Mr. Woods kept a handwritten note of his encounter with the former Secretary of State, in which he wrote, “She said we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son.”


One has to wonder why anyone in the united States would be arrested for making a film that exposes the false prophet of Islam. Isn’t speaking the truth protected under the First Amendment?

The one thing that the mainstream media has not raised about the video is the fact that it was produced by a Muslim, not a Coptic Christian, and that Muslim worked for the Department of Justice and Eric Holder. The video most definitely matters in the Benghazi story, but not for the reasons that the Clinton and Obama crime families say nor the reason that most conservative outlets claim.

The attacks occurred on a Tuesday and when Susan Rice went on five Sunday Shows the following weekend, she spilled the same lies about a video being responsible for Benghazi. We also know that Hillary continued to tell those lies when the bodies of the four Americans were returned to the States and even spent $70,000 in taxpayer money to fund an apology to the people of Pakistan, of all places, for the video.

Rice, Obama and Clinton all stood behind the lie about the video, even though Gregory Hicks, a Benghazi eyewitness said the video was a “non-event,” that the CIA knew from the start that Benghazi was a jihadist attack and had nothing to do with a video, and that more than likely Obama speech writer Ben Rhodes had something to do with changing the talking points that were provided to the administration. Even Clinton’s own State Department was involved in altering the talking points and emails prove this. State Department emails also confirm that Clinton and the White House knew within two hours that Benghazi was not a protest gone bad, but was a full blown jihad attack. Emails even show that the Tripoli embassy urged the criminals in DC to “not conflate” the video with the Benghazi attack.

Finally, if it doesn’t make you mad enough that Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar concerning everything, but especially the Benghazi issue, then consider this account by Kris Paronto of how Tyrone Wood’s body was treated by Delta Force following the Benghazi attack, who was interviewed in the book 13 hours and subsequently portrayed in the movie by the same name. He wrote:

Tig moved toward the Building C ladder to help bring down the fallen men. He told the D-boys that he knew where to find a heavy strap that would help them lower the bodies from the roof. The D-boys weren’t interested, or they didn’t want to take the time. “We got this,” one told him. “Don’t worry about it.”

Tig watched as they climbed the ladder to the roof and lifted Rone’s body onto the parapet. Tig knew what would happen next, so he turned away to avoid seeing it. Afterward, Tig couldn’t shake the sickening sound of Rone’s body hitting the marble patio at the bottom of a fifteen-foot fall.

Jack watched from atop Building D. He’d missed some of the radio calls, so he still didn’t know all that had happened. He saw a D-boy lift a limp body, and jack knew that it was Rone. He recognized Rone’s khaki cargo pants and his button-down orange plaid shirt. The King Leonidas beard removed any doubt and extinguished any hope. He turned away.

After Rone, the D-boys took the same approach with Glen. His body hit a bush on the way down, slicing open his abdomen. Disgusted and angry, Tig told himself that both men deserved better. No one was shooting at them, the mortars had stopped, and a huge friendly convoy was supposedly en route.

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The most Tig could do for Rone now was to grab his cold hands, while a D-boy took Rone’s feet. Together, they carried him to the side of Building C. Two others from the Tripoli team carried Glen.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at, and He is husband to his “more precious than rubies” wife, father of 10 “mighty arrows”, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Tim is also an affiliate for the Joshua Mark 5 AR/AK hybrid semi-automatic rifle. Follow Tim on Twitter.

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  1. If we were STILL a nation of laws, Killary and the entire administration from O-Liar on down would be in chains and locked away in the most secure prisons on earth. FOR LIFE! In the old days… they would have been executed! Just ask the Rosenbergs. Oh, I forgot… they already did get executed… for WAY less than this.

  2. Hillary Clinton has committed High Treason against the American people and must be brought to Justice along with her accomplices, Public Hanging recommended.

  3. The trouble with the American public, is the fact that they are not too bright. 99% of
    Americans, read and comprehend on an 8th grade level, therefore, is it any wonder
    that in 2008, this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS
    was selected, not elected by American citizenery, and therein lies the smoking gun. As
    a former High School teacher in our public schools, it was my observance that what I
    have imparted above, that Americans are not too bright, is a fact to reckon with, beyond
    human comprehension. The fact that too many Americans in 2008, believed for what
    ever reason, that it was time to elect this Black POTUS, whom sprang onto the global
    political stage as if he had been a ghost, as nobody, to this day, is aware of his true
    origin. Is has been historically proven that each time a Black has been awarded the
    power to govern, his/her constituents normally suffer under their dictatorship, using the
    United States and the countries of Africa, as prime examples. Throughout history, since
    1865, when the Black community received their freedom, how have they abuse it?
    They have never fully used the freedom that White and Black Union soldiers fought to
    obtain the freedom of the Blacks, but today, in mine and other American’s opinions,
    Blacks and Muslims are cut from the same cloth, that when they are born, they are
    lacking one taco of completing a full-platter, and this is not a rude statement. The
    medical profession has not taken it upon themselves to maintain a study, why Blacks
    and Muslims fail to fully assimilate into the Mores of the countries that they invade,
    and they maintain the propensity to remain uneducate. Therefore, how can an ethnic
    group become successful, when they continue to act like the savages that they are,
    using Baltimore and Ferguson as primary examples. The Blacks today, and in the
    past, do not maintain educated role models to emulate. Sure, they have athletes and
    movie stars that they can emulate, but hardly anyone in the Black Community as a
    scholar, a mathematician, a scientist, are few and far between. Dr. Ben Carson
    should be their role model, as he has accomplished feats on a world scale. When we
    Americans compare this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a
    Muslim POTUS, there is no comparison. This current Black turd of a Muslim POTUS,
    is as 99% of Blacks have been anoited, lazy, liars and undependable, and now, the
    Democrats are attempting to anoit another “FIRST,” the first female POTUS, but
    similar to her predecessor, the worthless Black turd of a Muslilm POTUS, she main-
    tains the same Communist traits as this Black turd, but nobody seems to care that
    Hillary Rotten Clinton will carry on in this Black turds footsteps and imput policies that
    reach out not to Blacks, but to worthless Muslims such as the Khan family in which
    has been proven another incorrect decision by HRC, in that father Khan, is a member
    of the Muslim Brotherhood, and has written to many articles which indicate that his
    loyalties lie with Islam, similar to HRC and the worthless Black Mulim turd of a POTUS.
    Hillar Rotten Clinton has been to be a liar of the worst caliber, especially when she
    had to account for the deaths of the 4 American left to fend for themselves at
    Benghazi, where both she and this miserable turd of a Black Muslim POTUS, failed
    to mount a rescue mission, because the 4 Americans were not Muslim, and the more
    pround fact that why they did not mount a rescue mission, was because these two
    turds were gun-running to the rebels fighting Assad, the current leader of the Syrians,
    and there was also a plot to kidnap our American Ambassador to Libya, Chris
    Stevens and trade him for the blind Sheik held in captivity in the United States. But
    these two turds were foiled by at least 2 American patriots, trained as SEALS, to
    fight against their enemies, something that these two turds did not count on. To have
    mounted a rescue mission, therefore, would have exposed their gun-running and the
    plot to kidnap our American Ambassador, therefore, their covert actions were more
    important that saving the lives of our 4 Americans in Benghazi, which can only
    conclude, that both of these two turds, view Americans, as expendable. Therefore,
    Americans, as I have imparted in the past, but evidently was listening or did not
    maintain the balls to mirror the French Revolution of 1789, and storm the White
    House gates to get rid of these two Communist turds, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett,
    and all of the rest of these Communists/Muslims whom have been place by this Black
    turd to bring down the U.S government, the U.S. economy and capitalism as we know
    it. The other alternative to our salvation, is to not wait until November 8, 2016, the
    dates of our election, but our fabulous military should mount the rescue mission of
    saving the United States, where these two turds, did not mount a rescue mission to
    save our 4 Americans at Benghazi.

    • Alas, Dennis. You words are golden, but like you have so succinctly stated. The 99% of the people who are in this country are so dumbed down, they only know how to race to their iPhones and play games whilst walking into the pit of HELL along the way. And now with the advent of the age of computers comes the RIGGED system. The voting machines are RIGGED. ALL MSM is RIGGED. And here is MY prediction: No matter what Killary has done, she will STILL waltz right back into the white house and watch the body count rise after she gets in. She will have everyone who even THOUGHT of messing with her be added to her already outrageous body count.

    • Let me add some facts that few “humans” know, and Christians insist on ignoring (because they are scared to be labelled racist). The black “race” is not a race of man. God spelled it out in scripture that they are the “Beasts of the field”, here is a site that breaks it down by verse of scripture ( The reason that muslimes are no different than the “black race” is because blacks have been enslaved by muslimes for thousands of years and the muslimes interbred with them and still do. This MUT “race” is also described in scripture. The fact that blacks are NOT from Adam and are actually not of man also perfectly explains why they do not exhibit the same sense of morality or sociability, and have a much lower overall intelligence; it also explains why they are fulfilling scripture with their rioting, rape, murdering, and their desire to attain the stature of man! This is NOT my opinion, it is God’s word! This site provides several additional articles on the “Beasts of the field”. (

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