Major Muslim Leader Delivers This Message To All Christians: “If You Refuse To Convert To Islam, Then The Only Thing Between You And Us Is The Sword.”

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A major Muslim leader in Trinidad, Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, delivered this message to all Christians: “If you refuse [to convert to Islam], then the only thing between you and us is the sword.” Here is the full statement from at-Trinidadi:

To the Christians I say, you know that you have strayed far away from the true teachings of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus . Your book was corrupted long ago by your leaders. I call on you to remember the first two commandments, for they are what led me to Islam and to the true teachings of all the prophets. Submit to the one who created you and do not differentiate between the prophets, for they all came with the same message. Follow the final messenger, Muhammad g, for in doing so you will be following all of the prophets . If you refuse, then we offer you the option to pay jizyah and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation. If you refuse, then the only thing between you and us is the sword.

Here is the full report:

Trinidadian Abu Sa’d at Trinidadi is among Isis spokesmen from several countries who have urged sympathisers, including among T&T Muslims, to launch home turf attacks against Christians.

at-Trinidadi ’s story is featured in the July edition of Dabiq, Isis’ online magazine being published since 2014. It is aimed at recruitment, unitarianism, truth-seeking, migration and holy war among matters.

The July edition, issued last weekend and obtained by T&T Guardian last Sunday, is based on the theme “Break the Cross.” It features Christian converts, including at-Trinidadi , from the US, Canada, Finland and Jamaica who have called for supporters to destroy “Christian disbelievers.” Following last week’s issue of the magazine, news broke of nine suspected T&T nationals detained in Turkey en route to join Isis.

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon said yesterday Government was probing both that issue as well as the Dabiq report. Dillon spoke to the T&T Guardian after a meeting with law enforcement heads as well as international officials. Intelligence agencies are tracking the descriptions in the article against information on those individuals known to have gone to Syria over 2011-2016.

The Dabiq article has now been featured widely on French, German, European and UK agencies, US sites and global anti-terrorism watch groups and western media. The Isis warning follows recent terrorist attacks in Europe, including the killing of a French priest last week by two teenage Isis sympathisers. In the Dabiq article, T&T foreign fighter (FTF) At-Trinidadi claimed to be a former Christian convert to Islam who was “…now one of a large number of mujahidin from T&T” with Isis.

The article features pictures of other T&T nationals with Isis, including former Cunupia resident Shane Crawford, one of the T&T nationals who has been positively identified as joining Isis and South Trinidad Islamic scholar Ashmead Choate, whom at-Trinidadi credits with furthering his path to jihad. Claiming to be a sniper, at-Trinidadi said he was involved in crime before leaving T&T and was accused of being among those plotting to kill former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

He claimed he and two T&T colleagues —Abu ‘Abdillah and Abu ‘Isa—were the first three Mus­lims to join Isis. He said the other two have since been killed. He claimed about 60 per cent “of the mujahi­din from Trinidad” come from Muslim families with the remaining 40 per cent being converts. In the article, at-Trinidadi sent a message to “the Muslims of Trinidad.” He said the first part of his message was “to those who claim Islam and yet blindly follow the muftis and imams….” He asked them to return to the “true” religion. He called on others to “perform hijrah to the land of Islam… You wanted your children to live in a land where Allah’s law is the highest, yet you now remain in a place where you have no honour…”

He added: “I also say to you my brothers, you now have a golden opportunity to do something that many of us here wish we could do right now. You have the ability to terrify the disbelievers in their own homes and make their streets run with their blood… They are bombing your brothers and sisters day and night in the land where Allah’s law is supreme. “It is an obligation upon you to act and force them to think thrice before bombing the Muslims. Therefore, terrorise the disbelievers and make them feel fear everywhere, even in their own bedrooms. Due to their mere disbelief, their blood by default is lawful to spill.”

The message emphasised the Isis leadership’s insistence “not to differentiate between disbelieving soldiers and their so-called “civilians.” At-Trinidadi continued: “Attack the interests of the Crusader coalition near you, including their embassies, businesses and civilians. Burn down their government institutions just as they try to bomb our buildings where Allah’s law is upheld. “Follow the example of the lions in France and Belgium, the example of the blessed couple in California and the examples of the knights in Orlando and Nice…

“… If, however, you abandon your brothers while continu­ing to live in the shade of an enemy at war with Islam, within a petty distance from many Crusader interests, then do not be shocked if Allah strips you of the speck of faith remaining in your dying hearts, as a punish­ment for your sin and insincerity.” At-Trinidadi sent a message to Christians to follow Muhammad. “If you refuse, then the only thing between you and us is the sword.”

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Theodore Shoebat is the Communications Director for Rescue Christians, an organization that is on the ground in Muslim lands, rescuing Christians from persecution. He is the author of two book, For God or For Tyranny and In Satan’s Footsteps: The Source and Interconnections of all Evil , he also has a DVD series called “Christian Militancy,” which is on Christian warfare and our fight against evil and tyranny.

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  1. Trinidad….what?
    What’s trinidad?
    Get in line, of all the pissants that wanna kill us,

  2. 1 John 4:8Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. Love does not mean kill. How is Allah God?

  3. There is no such thing as radical Islam. That is a farce and a man made term that the mainstream media conjured up. There are devout Muslims who follow the dictates of their pedophile prophet Muhammad and his god lucifer, and then there are those who have not fully devoted themselves to their satanic religion.

  4. Forget the sword. How about a 380? I’ll bring it and we can get between that, k? This ain’t France, pal.

  5. Don’t do me any favors, you small dink. Abu, you can take your blood sacrificing Moon worshipping third world death cult, and mind your own business. If you have to threaten my life to get me right with Allah, baboon breathe, then maybe your “God” is no god at all, but just an imaginary friend of a sand sucking madman. I will continue to have Jesus, the Son of the True God, Creator of heaven and earth, and leave you to your delusions.

    If you think your threats impress me, camel fan, many have tried to kill me, and I am still here.

  6. What good does it do to bomb Syria when we should be arresting those who are here (and in France and Germany etc.) who are causing us to die and give imminent threats and have already killed so many innocent people? We should be burning their mosques, closing their locally owned business’s and deporting or arresting them. Let them all go to Syria first and then bomb Syria!

    • I like your thinking, Sharon, but we have to fight them THERE, hopefully not here. But it seems it is too late for that. They ARE here! But then again I like the last statement of your post the best! Good thinking on your part. Just wish EVERYONE would see things as clearly as you do.

      • Yes it would be nice if we wouldn’t have to fight them here. But they are here and when, as I know in Mpls., that these creatures have completely surrounded whole nice upper middle class family neighborhoods that friends of mine grew up in…and taking over the parks so citizens of our country and cities aren’t safe even in their own neighborhoods and whole shopping centers have had to completely shut down because of…IF we don’t start fighting them here there won’t be any of us left to fight them!

  7. the enemy is now exposed.
    You owe it to yourself, your family, and your fellow countrymen to NEVER again be surprised by ANYTHING these foul creatures say or do.
    Prepare and Act Accordingly.

  8. Yes we refuse and it’s high time to turn the deserts where you live into glass parking lots. No go back to banging goats raghead.

  9. What are they going to do , peace us to death ? Some religion of peace they are . Oh wait they meant piece !.

  10. FREEDOM??? PEACE??? It is time to investigate, completely and immediately, those in the “Western world” that defend Islam. If they are not Muslim, why do they want them to succeed? Are they trying to use this evil energy as a “controlled kill off of the general population and then take them out in the end? God Bless

  11. I don’t think they are bombed enough, seriously. How else are normal people supposed to live in peace and quiet?

  12. If this worthless effn Muslim, the follower of his false, self-anoited Prophet, only was
    aware that his so-called perfect Prophet, was in reality, an effn killer, a criminal, a
    pervert, a pedophile and an abuser of women and children. In addition, it has been
    proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the myth of receiving 72 vigins if a Muslim
    is eliminated fighting for Islam, is a farce. Muhammed claimed that the Angel Gabriel
    whispered in his ear, in a bat cave, the writings for the Koran, but common sense in-
    structs most sane individuals that what upstanding Angel would seek a scoundrel
    such as Muhammed to pass on the holy scriptures of the Koran, and in addition, this
    worthless Prophet Muhammed, was illiterate, therefore, he could not write anything.
    The sooner the so-called Moderate Muslims perpetuate this negative account of their
    worthless Prophet and his questionable character, if they dare, then perhaps the sooner
    Islam will meet its demise. Keep your fingers crossed.

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