Must Watch: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior: “Does She Have Actual Brain Damage?”

In the last few years, and most recently as her campaign heated up,  we’ve seen Hillary Clinton engage in some bizarre behavior. From coughing fits and bouts of rage to uncontrollable laughter and overreaction to external stimuli, Paul Joseph Watson investigates what may be behind her odd demeanor.

Is it post-concussion syndrome following a blow to the head in 2012? Is she having seizures? Does the lesion spotted on her tongue suggest she may have contracted syphilis from sex addict Bill Clinton? Or is she just a sociopath totally lacking emotional literacy?

President Obama claimed this week that Donald Trump was unfit for the Office. If Hillary Clinton’s behavior as of late is any indication, it may be accurate to say that it is she who is physically unfit to serve as President.

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Watch as Paul Joseph Watson reports what you’ll never see in mainstream media:

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  1. I am still waiting for somebody, preferably Hillary, to explain to me and to all of us, just what she meant a while back when she said one day in a rally, that “gun owners are out of control, and these gun owners NEED TO BE REINED IN.” Now, if you are a gun owner, WHY would you consider voting for Hillary? Do you want to be REINED IN by Hillary just because you are a gun owner? I would hope not. To me this is a key indicator of her thinking, which is tyrannical in nature and unconstitutional otherwise. The term REINED IN could be interpreted several ways, but in this instance none of those ways is good. Somebody out there who knows just exactly what she meant, and what she means to do in this context, please let us know. Or get HER to tell us.

  2. I said this was the reason why they attacked Trump saying he’s insane, they’re just doing what Communists do, in other words they’re attacking Trump first because they know that Hillary is the one who is insane.

  3. Yesterday, as I was viewing Hillary Rotten Clinton being interviewed by a number
    of reporters, not once did I hear any reporter ask HRC the reason why she was
    fired from her position during Watergate in 1972. The reason why she was fired has
    been stated that she was fired because of unethical behavior, but there is more to it
    than that, therefore, if anyone out there is aware of why she really got fired, the nuts
    and bolts of it, you owe it to planet Earth to explain her firing, so that Donald Trump
    can use it against her and curtain her bid for the White House. Her firing will explain
    her evil character as a thread that she has perpetutated throughout her worthless,
    40 year political career. What say thee, America. The gloves must come off so that
    the Repubicans can fight dirtier than the Democrats. If the Democrats bring a knife to
    a fight, the Republicans will bring a gun. So let it be imparted, so let it be written and
    so let it be enforced, yesterday. It is time to get rid of Hillary Rotten Clinton and her
    worthless Black, half-baked turd of a Mulatto POS of a token Tar-Baby of Muslim
    POTUS and his girlfriend, George Soros, the former NAZI collaborator during WW2 in
    his native Hungary. Get rid of these three Communists, and then observe planet
    Earth rotating normally on its axis.


    I say, as a former member of our fabulous military, give Donald Trump a chance to
    improve our economy and return the jobs that have been shipped abroad, and:
    “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” We patriotic Americans are quite aware of what
    you voted for, in electing/selection the “FIRST” Black POS of a Muslim POTUS, and
    now you are considering to elect/select another “FIRST” of equal poor character.
    Both Hillary Rotten Clinton and this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, are effn
    Communists. This Black turd was turned to Communism by none other than Frank
    Marshall Davis, a noted card carrying Communist, maintained on an FBI list, while
    Hillary Rotten Clinton was schooled in the art of Communism by her lover, Saul
    Alinsky, another Communist, and made her into the worthless, lying finatic that she
    is today. All any American has to do, is perform the necessary research on the
    Internet to view the felonies that she has committed, such as the policies that she, as
    Secretary of State, issued that set the Middle East ablaze, and her involvement in
    Benghazi in 2012, and her latest scandal with her e-mails, resorting to her using a
    non-secured server to transmit classified e-mail messages, with the worthless Black
    turd of a Muslim POTUS in collaboration. Hillary Rotten Clinton, must never be per-
    mitted admittance to the White House in the future, as she has left behind her rotten
    stink, similar to the worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, and therefore,
    the White House should be imploded similar to how worthless turds bearing the same
    traits, imploded the Twin Towers and building 7, and rebuild a non-fumigated White
    House, without any loss of life, if you follow.

      • Absolutely. If Trump’s team would do their own research into killary’s record from the beginning, they could quote her boss and his exact words for explaining why he fired her at the end of the Watergate trial. His quote would be as damaging as the other tactics they are using since it sets a precedence of her lying and breaking the Constitution in her very early career. They also need to focus on her discrediting the women who rapest bill attacked over the years. They should broadcast the fact that killary took the DC bar twice and could not pass it. There’s a lot of good ammunition against killary they are not using.

  4. Sure looks like it’s more of a short-circuit to me. Is this the future of micro-chip implant malfunction? Bizarre and completely unappealing!

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