Khizr Khan: Allah is making Trump make mistakes in order to discredit him


“The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever.”

So now Khizr Khan is deciding who is and isn’t acceptable to the US, based on the will of Allah. It’s fitting, because as President, Hillary Clinton is likely to act the same way.

Khizr Khan Dunya

“You’re not acceptable to US: Khizr tells Donald Trump,” Dunya News, August 4, 2016:

ISLAMABAD: (Dunya News) – The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.

Talking exclusively to Dunya News on program Nuqta-e-Nazar, Khizr Khan said that he often gets emotional while speaking in public but when nature wants you to do something, words come by themselves. He said his speech was a gift from the God. “I showed the constitution only because I wanted to remind people that nobody could be discriminated against in the name of religion”, said Khizr.

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Khan said that Donald Trump actually exposed himself by criticizing him. He added that Donald Trump’s words were stupid. “All citizens must be equal before the state. All immigrants are against the stupid Republican candidate”, he said….

Courtesy of Pamela Geller

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  1. Hey, ugly khan, you and your ugly muslimes/islimes are NOT ACCEPTABLE ON OUR PLANET, GET OFF or GO home to your shithole and STFU!!

  2. I do not ever have to read this worthless article, to determine whom has been
    discredited. This worthless Muslim turd, if he maintain any sense of dignity, he would
    not have used the death of his son in Iraq 12 years ago, as an Army Officer, in his
    attempt to diminish Trump’s credibility. In addition, who the eff does this miserable turd
    of a Muslim thinks he is kidding? He pulls out his handy copy of the Constitution to
    emphasize his loyalty to the United States, but in reality, this worthless Muslim turd, is
    a member of “THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD,” whom, along with the worthless Black
    turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, is seeking to establish global
    Caliphate with this Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, as its first Caliph. And there’s more!!
    The stories that I have perused regarding this Muslim turd’s son, Major Khan, is the
    fact, at the most opportune time of the day, he scheduled his gate guards for an
    inspection, lining the up similar how the Japs viewed our destroyers at Pearl Harbor,
    and at the ultimate moment, the truck carrying the Jidhadist, entered the Major’s area.
    When the Major attempted to converse with these Muslim turds, the truck blew up,
    killing the Major and some of his comrades. The question remains to be answered, is
    why did the Major son schedule this inspection, and was this Major a loyal ciitizen of
    the United States, or was he similar to the worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS,
    harboring thoughts of death to he and his comrads? There is the old adage, “LIKE
    FATHER, LIKE SON,” and we have already proven that the father, harbors loyalties
    to the Muslim Brotherhood, from the articles that he has written against our American
    Constitution. Perhaps this son, similar to John McCain, whom has been noted the
    “SINGER” in Vietnam, because during his captivity, he was declared, aiding and
    abetting with the enemy, but because McCain is the son of a deceased Admiral in our
    American Navy, McCain’s despicable against his fellow captives, should be further
    investigated, and it should be ascertained that Major Khan is really the hero that
    everyone seems to claim. As far as I can determine, Mr. Khan, viciously attacked
    Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has never been aware of Mr. Khan’s existence. If you were
    in Mr. Trump’s shoes, and he attacked you, for no apparent reason, would you just
    roll over and become another notch on this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS’
    six-gun? What this worthless Muslim turd did not consider, was the fact that he may
    have considered most Americans, easy pickings, but Mr. Trump is not wired that way.
    Mr. Trump is wired, as, “SHIT OR GET OFF OF THE POT.” And, not to forget, Gold
    Star Mother or not, that is no excuse. Mr. Trump only asked why the mother failed to
    comment, and was it because of her religion. I am certain that most adults remember
    the “BENGHAZI” fiasco and how Hillary Rotten Clinton, the then Secretary of State,
    and her worthless Black turd of a boss, the POTUS, whom did not mount a rescue
    mission to save our 4 Americans at the American compound in Benghazi and permit-
    ted them to be murdered by a band of al Qaeda terrorists, when there was ample
    time to save them, because to mount a rescue misson, might have exposed their
    illegal gun-running to the Syrian rebels and the plot to kidnap the American Ambas-
    sador, Chris Stevens, and trade him for the blind Sheik, held in capitivity in the
    United States. And, when the bodies of these fallen men arrived at Dover Airforce
    Base, Hillary Rotten Clinton and this worthless Black Muslim POTUS, the supposed
    Commander-in-thief, informed the parents that the video, produced an American in
    the United States, was the cause of the attack on our American compound, which is
    a false account. Both of these turds, lied to these parents, and in addition, this Black
    turd deemed or 4 Americans in Benghazi, as expendable. Had our 4 Americans
    been Muslim, you can bet your sweet ass, that he would have rescued them. Further,
    notice how Mr. Khan is receiving an overwhelming abundance of coverage for his
    son, while at the same time, when was the last time there has been, at any time, the
    same kind of lengthy coverage for Mr. Kahn’s, as there was none for Mrs. Smith’s
    son and the other parents whom lost members during the fire-fight at Benghazi. As
    a fomer member of our Armed Forces, I am highly pissed that worthless Muslim’s son,
    has received so much coverage, and not the son’s left to fend for themselves at
    Benghazi, September 11, 2016. It is evident that this entire situation of recruiting
    Mr. Khan to challenge Trump, was a set-up, and the challenge was met in the manner
    that it should have been re-challenged, and at no time, was Mr. Trump rude and un-
    sensitive to the Gold Star Mother. After all, as mentioned above, Mrs. Smith’s son
    was murdered at Benghazi, and therefore she has also been declared a Gold Star
    mother, but she has not received any formal indication of this honor that has been
    speculated as much as Mr. Khan’s wife? Why not. Because Mrs. Smith’s son does
    not present the same scenario as Mr. khan’s son, because Mr. Khan’s son was a
    Muslim, murdered in Iraq as a member of our Army, and that appears to make a
    difference to our worthless media, as Mr. Khan’s rant was about his concern that Mr.
    Trump desires to maintain a moritorium on Muslims entering the United States from
    Jihadist countries, namely, Pakistan, his home of origin, and the fact that a moritorium
    would impair his business as a lawyer to provide visas for wealthly Pakistani’s de-
    siring to enter the U.S. Who the eff, does Mr. Khan think that he is kidding. It is quite
    evident that Mr. Khan believes more on preserving his business, than preserving the
    honor of his son, providing his son was as honorable as the press illustrates. Mr.
    Khan is a political ploy, engineered by Hillary Rotten Clinton, to dishonor Mr. Trump,
    which profoundly indicates how low the Democrats have sunk.


  3. Really Mr Khan? Unacceptable to the US? For sheer audacity his statement takes some beating! What is ‘unacceptable’ to the US is the ‘discrimination’ peddled by that monstrous bundle of lies – the Koran. For the very survival of your country you MUST read the evil that is taught within its pages – I doubt very much whether one percent of Americans have opened up the damned book to see exactly what it preaches – I guess when it is too late you will all be scrambling for a copy, or start looking up the facts on the Internet. I am sorry to say that by that time your fate will be well and truly sealed – already the signs are staring you in the face and you are mindlessly ploughing on to disaster by allowing Muslims to become part of your Government both locally and nationally. The Fifth Column of Islam is creeping into your way of life and you seem to be applauding the fact – When, Oh When, will you all wake up? Be warned – every time you vote for a Muslim to be part of your infrastructure you are adding a nail to the coffin of democracy – I assure you I have no axe to grind – I will ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ soon enough, but my heart bleeds for the youngsters you are letting down by your laziness in not protecting them from the evil of Islam which is growing daily – already there are ‘seeds’ being planted into every vestige of Government by those who will drag you down into the cesspool that is Islam – and – WHO WILL YOU BLAME WHEN THE AXE FALLS? Yes you will blame ‘somebody else’ MARK MY WORDS.

  4. Khan is the one being punished.. All his dirt is coming back to him. No one can see that TRUMP comment on KHAN’s wife was really compassion . Look at the woman.. She has no smile in her like a person how lost her life years and years ago. Like a woman who was robbed of her own self… Like a abused woman. More like mentally abused .. Like a bird in a cage.. Like a Person without a song in her heart ..

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