HILLARY’S HEALTH DECLINE: How Can She be President if She Can Barely Climb a Few Stairs?

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It’s all over Drudge (at least at the moment):

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.59.46 AM

On top of all the other potential health problems, including socially awkward moments that some have said are actually seizures and others have said are proof of demonic possession:

To that weird spot on her tongue that people have speculated could be everything from syphilis chancre to oral cancer:


To the coughing fits:

Now she can’t even climb the stairs without multiple staffers helping her.


Aside from her being shoved down the throats of the country as she cheats, steals, and claws her way into the Oval Office, is something really, really wrong with her?

We all know she’s psychotic, but on top of that, is she physically unfit to actually be president?

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  1. If elected but unable to fulfill her duties as President, BJ Clinton take over. He will be our de facto President and the media will cover it up. Just as they are doing now with Valerie Jarrett, who has been our de facto President ever since Obama was elected.

  2. Main stream Media Hides these facts from the American people, Your news reporting agencies are the lowest form of Liars and perverts imaginable. Doing everything possible to install one of their Underclass thieves into the highest office in the land. The evening news liars are the absolute worse.

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