“Illegally Shoot the Son of a Bitch” — Clinton Strategist Calls for Assassination of Julian Assange on TV

Hillary Clinton strategist Bob Beckel appeared on on Fox calling for the assassination of Julian Assange — a blatant urge for violence against the Wikileaks founder in direct contradiction of every possible natural and government law.

Wikileaks, of course, has published several damning caches of documents showing Clinton in none-too-favorable light — including emails from her controversially-employed private server as well as communications from the DNC which proved her campaign colluded with mainstream media.

“I mean, a dead man can’t leak stuff,” Beckel chillingly noted of Assange. “The guy’s a traitor, a treasonist, and … and he has broken every law in the United States. The guy ought to be — and I’m not for the death penalty — so, if I’m not for the death penalty, there’s only one way to do it, illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

That’s right: A Democratic National Committee strategist — knowing Clinton’s reputation has been profoundly damaged by revelations brought to light by Wikileaks — feels Assange’s defiance of the law is so egregious, someone should take it up a notch by “illegally” assassinating the organization’s founder.

Apparently getting caught red-handed as the DNC now clearly has been, requires an altogether insane response of death outside the provisions of law.

But, as if Beckel’s outlandish statement weren’t inflammatory enough, senior staff writer for Politico Michael Grunwald took to Twitter to compound the madness, which Wikileaks happily retweeted.

“I can’t wait to write a defense of the drone strike that takes out Julian Assange,” Grunwald arrogantly asserted.


Politico, it must be noted, appeared prominently in the DNC leak for working in tandem with Clinton campaign staff to ensure articles would display Hillary in the best light possible — one journalist even shared an article with Hillary’s campaign staff prior to submitting it to editors.

Prior to these explosive calls to hunt down and kill Assange, the Wikileaks head appeared on Dutch outlet Niewsurr, where he seemed to suggest murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich had been a source of the leaks so infuriating Beckel and Grunwald.

“I’m suggesting that our sources take risks and they are — they become concerned to see things occurring like that,” Assange said of Rich, who was murdered early in the morning in what authorities have thus far insisted was a robbery — though there were no witnesses to his killing to back up or refute that claim.

We have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States,” Assange continued when pressed by the host if he was implying foul play in Rich’s untimely death. “Our sources are — you know, our sources face serious risks. That’s why they come to us. So we can protect their anonymity.”

Assange has repeatedly refused to reveal Wikileaks’ sources, as a rule — a policy the organization prides itself on — and in keeping with that, refused to reveal with certainty whether or not Rich had indeed been the source of any leaks.

Rumors about Rich have certainly run the gamut on social media, but several suspicious circumstances must be considered. As Underground Reporter noted, Rich had reportedly been slated to testify in one investigation of Clinton. And according to the Washington Post, Rich had been investigating possible instances of fraud and voter suppression perpetrated by the DNC.

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Assange, as The Free Thought Project noted, has additionally offered a reward of $20,000 for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s murderer.

Perhaps the call for Assange’s assassination by a Clinton lackey shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the aforementioned extenuating circumstances — but it certainly lends yet more credence to growing sentiment that Hillary Clinton and her cadre of establishment supporters will quite literally stop at nothing to ensure she reaches the White House.

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

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  1. Maybe someone should “illegally” shoot this guy in the face. Sunshine hurts, don’t it?

  2. Killing people Dems don’t like? It’s just their way.
    So the media spend all week on Trump’s Second Ammendment REMARKS and Clinton staffers are talking outright KILLING.
    Kinda puts it all in perspective huh!!

    Won’t see any media except Fox go over this call for assassination. Wonder if Beckel was involved in the other string of murders….

  3. Oh! I forgot about Beckel. But he is easily forgotten. I don’t usually keep up with people of like Beckel—low or no factual information equal to their brain cell count.

  4. I find a lot of things currently happening to be baffling, For instance, The Orlando SHOOTING

    The videos show people being carried down the srteet at night and you can see a, if I recall, a donut shop across the street. A daytime video shows the same shot and scans to the right to show that the PULSE is down the street in the direction they were being carried. How is it they were shot up the street and were being carried toward the PULSE. The mother they interviewed several times was the only mother I saw interviewed. There were 50 dead people in that shooting and ONLY ONE mother came to the scene? Not the first FATHER? Where were these parents? Obama and Biden show up to talk with the parents and friends, place flowers at the site. It shows them at a microphone speaking, some news people filming, but no friends or family seated in front of them. Again, where were they people? A girl in a mimi skirt walks from the Pulse with a bloody bandage around her knee cap limping slightly. If you were shot in the knee cap, Do you think you would be walking? Sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn’t it? Just saying. Those things are shown on the footage that night and I guess some time the next day. Kind of baffling to me, how about you?

  5. Hillary’s pick of Tim Kaine was a requirement of the Jesuits. One way or another, they will try to make sure Hillary is elected so that when she is removed, BY THEM, from office , Tim Kaine will become President, just as the Pope has ordered.Remember Boehner having the Pope, for the first time , speak on the floor of congress? Boehner, of course, is also a Jusuit. Check any of this on your search engine and you will very enlightened as to the real power for ONE WORLD ORDER. The Reformation is not over. This is being financed by the FEDERAL RESERVE, OWNED BY THE WORLD ELITE AND PAID FOR BY THE OVER TAXED MIDDLE CLASS, If you think the Federal Reserve is a Government entity, think again, It a privately owned business, that pays a printing company pennies to print dollars to loan to the USA and others. They are in the process of assisting bringing America to it’s knees and of course Hillary and especially her VP candidate are a part of the scheme. Do the research.

  6. A traitor, a treasonist, and … and has broken every law in the United States? Hmmmm Why would he talk about Heil Hillary like that.


    … isn’t its a wonderful that that the GOOD LORD and U.S. have his back!!!
    TRUMP 2016

  8. I don’t know what the hell you expect Bob when you have such a crooked ass administration that must have so much dirt on Michael Morell, and others now ,that the current FBI continues to turn a blind eye to every egregious act Hillary and Obama pull like they are Teflon!!! Maybe if we had a government that could be trusted but we have seen rigged election results we highly suspected, Sanders then suddenly buys a big house, people dying, terrorist wives being allowed to disappear without a peep from anyone when it was determined she was involved I the days prior to Orlando! Come on!!! Until some house cleaning happens in Washington by these idiots

  9. Well Beckel maybe there are those who think your loud flapper ought to be quieted to. Your an asshole and a suck up. If you had half a brain you might really be dangerous. So its alright for you and your Dem friends to call for and actually kill people but someone saying that we should lawfully protect the 2nd Amendment by using the NRA is wrong. What a hypocrite. The American people deserve to know what our elected officials are doing and if its wrong they need to pay the same price the everyday person would if we broke the law. Beckel and his media cronies are just a bunch of ass lickers and the Clintons asses must be some sweet candy for old Beckel.


  11. The crooked Republicans better get on board to get TRUMP ELECTED. People need to tell the ones in their districts get on board or your gone!!!

  12. They know they’re mentally unstable, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a gun, but they can’t admit that they have a problem, so they deny it, and project themselves onto us.

  13. Progtards, Progtards, you are suppose to be so ever tolerant. Are you going to let Bob Beckel get away with these comments?

  14. pretty sure that if you are not a citizen of the united states then you can’t be charged with treason. just saying

  15. Assange is not an American. Beckel will not like it, but Assange is not committing treason. I don’t imagine that the Ecuador government would appreciate a drone strike on its UK embassy, although Secretary Nuance can speak French to them as he sails by on his tax dodging yacht.

  16. We could start a new line to the libs and demo’s. You can vote for Trump because the polls are so rigged that it will still register chillery! I’m looking forward to seeing if InfoWars is right that chillery is going to drop out of the race. So hope Alex Jones is right

  17. This is why we need TRUMP to get the lawyers sheriff’s and military men to step up NOW and oust this administration and follow Becks words ……”do it illegally” if that’s the way it has to be done. ENOUGH of the BS!

  18. That’s really Rich,, Seth. You’re an A__hole. It’s Hillarious that needs a miracle. By REAL polls, not the alphabet news co-opted media polls, Trump is doing great….67% vs Hitler-y’s 30%.

    Stick it, Rich !

    • Now now, calm down marlene…….chillary does have a ticking time bomb inside her head not to mention several other health issues. Ironic that one of the medications she is on….is also one that has caused many deaths.

  19. Oh, theres snipers over there. Everyone duck and run. She is pushing for reality.People are not going to put up with her bs.I do not think people realize how much voter fraud she is capable of setting up.She could win that way. It is going to be out of control. Sorus counts millions of those votes.

    • Never did I understand why the votes are not counted in our country. Time to tell these libs and demo’s that they don’t need to worry if they mistakenly accidently vote for Trump because it will be tallied for chillary, if she lives that long. Her health will probably prevent her from running..

  20. Superficially, this violent rhetoric and gun advocacy would suggest classic projection bias on the part of leftists that accuse ideological opponents of the identical tendencies and behaviors they themselves display. Or Beckle was drunk again.

  21. Not knowing the truth doesn’t make you ignorant. Not wanting to know the truth is what makes you ignorant. Most of the Democrats fit right in the latter.

  22. They have already assassinated the mole. Why would anyone think anything different.
    The Clintons are at the top of the heap in bringing this country into the ONE WORLD ORDER with the UN being the governing body. If she is elected, it will be 95% complete. That will be the day taking the country back will be through blood.

    • She will never be “elected.” But she’s prepared to steal it and we the people must be ready to take it back from her BEFORE she walks up the steps to the White House.

    • It’s to bad people see things the way they do… Blood should have been spilled a long time ago, but it wasn’t. Today’s people here in America are sheep… Seems none have what it takes to stop our government corruption. But than again if they did, we’d just trade one group of tyrants for another. Most of America is just as corrupt as they are, and probably 75% of those who aren’t corrupt are stupid. That leaves a very small margin of patriots to rescue America from itself. God help us… No one else will…

  23. To calm him down, just put him back in his favorite setting like he was used to under the Clintons. Lots of Cocaine and cheap hookers in a nice hotel. Everywhere you look with the Clintons, are sleezebags of this low caliber.

  24. Democrats – so kind and compassionate – open and transparent, calling for the death (by gun????!) of someone who leaks the truth out about hrc, her body count, and the rigged elections (seriously, bho TWICE???)

  25. Guess that is why they want to say Trump did this about Hillary ,which Trump never did, so along comes this and bet media will never report on it

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