Obama’s Operation Choke Point: “Unbridled Abuse Of Executive Power Operating Completely Outside Of The Rule Of Law”


In an earlier article I touched on the withering attack on the 2nd Amendment that has subsided to a “dull throb” for the moment.  A large portion of that is “Operation Choke Point,” the regulatory “assault” instituted by the Federal Government to force the banking industry to deny services to industries, not on the basis of illegality, but incorrectness as judged by the administration.

This cabal is represented by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the Federal Reserve, and the FDIC under the “ringmaster” of the Department of Justice.  The aforementioned agencies have regulated the banking industry by using their positions as directed by the administration to sever businesses from their connections with the banks.  Specifically, the firearms industry, to include (in order) first firearms manufacturers, and the complementary industries that are synergistic with those manufacturers, namely ammunition manufacturers and accessory products for firearms.

The regulators mentioned have used their authority to browbeat the banks into submission and deny businesses in the firearms industry such things as lines of credit, as well as forcing the closure of business and purchasing accounts.  Any banks that refused to institute any of these measures against their clients then opened themselves up to inspections, scrutiny, examinations, and harassment from a regulatory perspective.  The “cover” phrase for the regulatory agencies: “To promote bank safety and soundness.”

“Reputation risk” is the term used by the regulating industries, in essence, to blackball the banks by stating their clients (in this case businesses involved in the firearms industry) were increasing risk for the banks and that the banks themselves were absorbing “negative publicity.”  The regulators insisted they had an obligation to “protect” the banking industry overall by eliminating the potential for the absorption of bad publicity by one of its members due to negativity associated with that third party.  In essence, guilt by association, and in this case guilt not by a court of law as a verdict for a crime, but a bureaucratic regulator operating at the behest of the Obama administration, making its own restrictive “laws” to inhibit legal businesses.

These procedures completely subvert rule of law.  The reputation risk concept enables these regulators to force financial institutions to close any account and cease business with any business they deem to be either “improper” or “unsavory.”  This is a method to deny the businesses the financial support structure they are dependent upon to conduct their affairs and eventually to force the businesses to close.  If the bank refuses to turn on the client, then the bureaucracies will attack the bank and punish it.

Some of the largest targeted sectors are pawn shops, tobacco outlets, gun dealers, and check-cashing services.  There are reasons these businesses are listed as “unsavory.”  The pawn shops do not allow for complete accountability on what is sold and what is purchased for the government to track.  Tobacco outlets are along lines of the recent “politically correct” attacks on smokers and the attempt to stamp out smoking in general.  Check cashing services usually enable people to cash their paychecks at a usurious rate regarding the fee; however, it allows for the circulation of cash in the hands of those who do not possess a bank account.  Gun dealers: the reason is self-explanatory.

All of this is about control and dominion, the erosion of personal freedoms, and the move towardtotalitarian suppression of all liberties and complete monitoring over any and all activities of the average citizen.

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All of these agencies have exceeded the authority granted to them under normal banking rules and regulations.  Rather than taking care of the individual depositor and the business, they are forcing the paradigm of the administration’s platform and squelching individual liberties.  It is an unbridled, unchecked abuse of Executive power, operating completely outside of the rule of law and answering only to the President.

One of the biggest problems underlying all of this is precedent.  Once precedent is established, it is a great deal harder to enforce the law on the lawbreakers, and additionally they can use their modus operandi in other areas and expand their power and control.  The American Revolution was a dream that happened once.  In Egypt they ousted Morsi, arrested or killed the Muslim Brotherhood, and took their Constitution and their country back.  Won’t happen here until people realize exactly how far down the road we are and what we have lost.  We’ve broken faith with God and with one another, and the country is in such shambles that it may not ever rise again.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

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  1. It’s time for businesses affected by the illegal and unconstitutional “Operation Choke Point” to establish alternative methods of getting their products to market. If this involves setting up “black markets”, so be it. If I were in business, that is what I would do. Encryption and Torr make such a concept feasible.

  2. Our elected officials in BOTH political parties are well aware of what Obama has done. They did little to nothing to stop him. Could it be that they secretly agree ? American citizens in large enough numbers appear not to give a damn as long as their entitlement checks arrive on time. Our nation is going to pay a very high price for Obama.

  3. It is quite evident that the Democrats and this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token
    Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, are searching for straws, in their posture of having to
    eventually deal with President Trump. It is just another ploy, written and directed by
    Saul Alinsky, a deceased Communist, HRC’s lover, whom authored the book, “RULES
    FOR RADICALS,” in which these two turd, the Black menace from Kenya and HRC,
    draw from on a daily basis to intimidate the LIV’s of the United States. The entire
    premise of Alinsky’s words of wisdom, is predicated upon bringing any country to its
    knees, eventually. Therefore, as I have imparted in the past, why hasn’t patriotic
    Americans mirrored the French Revolution of 1789, where a group of rabble French
    citizens, grabbed their muskets and pitchforks and stormed the Bastille (prison) and
    arrested their King and Queen. Why haven’t I become witness to the same action by
    the American people? Because American civilians are cowards. In 1776, our American
    colonists gave up everything, including their lives so that we could enjoy the trappings
    of what it meant to be freedom loving citizens. Had the DRAFT still been in vogue when
    this worthless Black of a Musilm POTUS was catapulted onto the global political stage,
    he never would have gotten his big door in the door, because those in our military
    this Black turd, primarily due to the Benghazi Fiasco, where both Hillary Rotten
    Clinton and this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, were running guns, illeg-
    ally, to Syrian rebels and at the same time, both of these turds had implemented a
    plan to kidnap our American Ambassador to Libya, and trade him for the Blind Sheik
    held in captivity in the United States. If the DRAFT was still in vogue, and as I had
    learned as a member of our Armed Forces, we witnessed the true colors of most
    Blacks in the Military, whom were liars, poorly educated and undependable, a fitting
    description of this current worthless Black turd from Kenya. Therefore, the sooner
    he, George Soros and Hillary Rotten Clinton, are removed from the political playing
    field, the sooner planet Earth can commence to rotate normally on its axis. When-
    ever a Black has been awarded the power to govern, his consitutents normally suffer
    under his dictatorship, using the United States and the countries of Africa as prime
    examples. Americans have to take in account that 99% of Americans only read and
    comprehend at the 8th grade level, and that is pushing the envelope. Therefore, the
    excuse of electing this worthless Black Muslim turd as a “FIRST.” Sometimes, a first
    is not palatable to the American people, but Donald Trump is the exception to the
    rule, because more than anything in the national agenda that has not been answered
    for the past 8 years under the dictatorship of this worthless Black turd, is, Americans
    are more interested in employment, than anything else, and Donald Trump has built
    an empire that has dealt in hiring Americans. When was the last this Black Muslim
    turd hired anyone on the U.S. economy? What he has hired, is more of his Muslim/
    Communist croonies. How many employees has Hillary Rotten Clinton, hired? She,
    similar to this Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, hires only those to complete her worth-
    less circle of members whom are attempting to bring the U.S., to her knees. This
    operation is thus known as Communism, of which both of these turds, are members.
    In other words, both this Black Devil from Kenya and HRC, are not to be trusted
    concerning anything that they impart. They are both desiring the same goals: The
    complete takeover of the United States under the auspices of “THE NEW WORLD
    ORDER,” and “THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.” Hey ladies, are you getting use to
    wear the ghost uniforms and to have to cover your heads when you enter the public
    domain, and cannot drive a car and have to be escorted by a family member. Hillary
    Rotten Clinton does not impart these same words of wisdom, and neither does this
    worthless Black turd, because he will be one of those to enforce what I have just
    written. Remember too, women maintain no rights in a Muslim household, whether
    it is in the Middle East, or in the United States. Therefore, think before you cast your
    ballot for Hillary Rotten Clinton, because to do so, you will become another member
    of the flock dominated by male members. I am certain that 99% of American women
    are not willing to give up their freedom to men, therefore, vote for Donald Trump, as
    all he requires is that everyone behaves themselves, which dominating Muslim men
    do not. Muhammed, their worthless self-anoited Prophet, was a killer, a criminal, a
    pedophile, a pervert and an abuser of women and children, and because most
    Muslim men pattern their position after their Prophet, women are considered less
    than animals.

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