Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

More than 2,500 files from the raft of organizations run by billionaire George Soros have been leaked by hackers.

Saturday’s leak, published by DC leaks, includes hundreds of internal documents from multiple departments of Soros’ groups, predominantly the Open Society Foundations.

The files are grouped into sections such as geographical region, the World Bank and the President’s Office, and cover the period from 2008 up until 2016, according to The Daily Caller.

They reveal work plans, strategies, priorities and other activities by Soros, and include reports on European elections, migration and asylum in Europe.

DC Leaks claims to be the work of American activists who want to present the truth about the “US decision-making process as well as about the key elements of American political life.”

US security experts however are blaming the leak on Russian hackers, according to Bloomberg, in a similar reaction seen in the wake of the DNC leaks.

The DC Leaks hackers previously released data from the Open Society Foundations in June, a breach that was reported to the FBI, according to spokeswoman Laura Silber. She said an investigation by a security firm found the intrusion was limited to an intranet system used by board members, staff and foundation partners.

DC Leaks also revealed emails from former NATO general Philip Breedlove which showed he tried to provoke President Obama to start US conflict  against Russia. Breedlove claimed to CNN in July that the emails were stolen as part of a state-sponsored intelligence operation.

An email leaked by WikiLeaks earlier this week showed Soros had advised Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State on how to handle unrest in Albania – advice she acted on.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations provides funding to the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists, which came under the spotlight earlier this year after the release of the Panama Papers, which included millions of records from law firm Mossack Fonseca showing how the wealthy are using tax havens.

The Panama Papers leak came under criticism from WikiLeaks, who claimed the US government and Soros funded the project to attack Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

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  1. A Treasure Trove of Treason. Get him, indict him, and let’s sweep him out to sea. Who cares who hacked him? I sure don’t. He’s been hacked and hidden truth has escaped – that’s ALL that matters.

  2. Since when do we believe US security experts on who hacked him.The main thing is to hurt him and clinton however it can be done.

  3. This sh1t for brains, greedy mf, scumbag, is involved in South African violence and the support of the current communist, racist, regime. They are currently involved in a Genocide (refer to the writings of Genocide watch) against the minority and the world is….hush!!!!

  4. As I have imparted in the past, Soros is still an effn NAZI, just as he was during WW2,
    therefore, he probably hated the Jews then, for the same false reasons he continues
    to hate them now. Soros is nothing but a worthless NAZI turd. Once a NAZI, always a
    NAZI, similar to the worthless Black turd of a POS of a Muslim POTUS, once a Muslim,
    always a muslim. We Americans can breathe a sigh of relief, once Donald Trump be-
    comes our 45th POTUS, as then the heads will roll.

    • Dennis, He is a Jew himself !!! But he is part of the Zionist Elite who own the vast majority all forms of media. i.e. Propaganda against Western Christian values. They also control the world’s finances and banksters. These people were able to take control of the U.S. finances through the Federal Reserve back in 1913 and the traitor, Woodrow Wilson. They want to break down all opposition to them by fostering hate and terror. Divide and Conquer. Black against white. Muslims against all other religions. Women against men etc etc.. so they can shatter any and all opposition to them and these Elites will end up as the oligarchy of The New World Order.

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