Hillary’s VP: Whites Must Become a “Minority” to Atone For Racism

‘The burden is on Caucasians’

In little noticed comments, Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine told a black audience in New Orleans that white people must become a “minority” in order to properly atone for racism and oppression suffered by blacks.

“I’ve never been treated badly in life because of my skin color or my gender,” Kaine told a group of black Baptists in New Orleans. “I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

The “burden” that Kaine mentions obviously means taking on “white guilt,” despite the fact that – even at the height of slavery – only 1.4% of whites in America owned slaves. White people were also victims of far more brutal and longer lasting oppression under the Barbary slave trade.

Kaine’s desire to see whites become a minority in America is set to be realized in around 30 years because white people are the only group with a higher death rate than birth rate.

Hispanics are growing in number at a pace of around 2.1 percent a year, with blacks growing at 1.3 percent, while whites are only growing at 0.5 percent.

95% of the U.S. population increase is accounted for by minority births and immigration. Five jurisdictions – Hawaii (77 percent), the District of Columbia (64.2 percent), California (61.5 percent), New Mexico (61.1 percent) and Texas (56.5 percent) already have non-white majority populations.

As Edmund Kozak explains, the Democratic Party’s policies have negatively impacted white communities in the United States.

“The ever-increasing rate at which good-paying, blue-collar jobs are being offshored by bad trade deals — something to which the modern Democratic Party appears committed fully — will continue to have a devastating effect on working-class white communities. The disproportionately negative effect globalization has had on blue-collar whites was a large factor in GOP nominee Donald Trump’s success in the GOP primaries,” he writes.

According to Alicia Powe, Kaine’s comments emphasize how the left has employed “toxic identity politics” to “perpetuate class warfare and the narrative of an unjust America,” with whites demonized as the scapegoats.

Watch the video below to understand why “white privilege” is a complete myth.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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  1. In reply: The effective brainwashing of division is hard to break away from. As the veil is lifted, we realize that we are not Irish or German or whatever. These are all man made- man imagined, pretend descriptions of geography itself and humans, (homo sapiens).Scientifically and spiritually none of it is real.We imagined the countries…we made it all up. As we view the insanity of gang and tribal warfare and the death and destruction over imaginary “clubs” we need to face the soul in the mirror, believe Christ and realize that none of it…none of this human thought failure is true.As mankind continues on the path of self destruction whether it is physically or in “quality of life/happiness/sanity” I will trust in God and His Truth. Christ saved us from ourselves..giving us every reason to make the choice of “him” with total freedom.I am so happy for his truth. So things you describe are no different than any man imagined status or “club” membership. When we choose to be in the body of Christ, none of it matters even if it were real. We made it up…it is real as a play on a stage is a real “play” and no more.

  2. wow.. this was known as “pandering to the voter audience” .. it goes like this: ” Let me tell you what I think you want to hear.. maybe you are stupid enough to believe me.” What I want to know is when and where either Clinton or Kaine ever placed themselves in a position of minority.. oh wait… that’s for the rest of us white people.

    • Gr8, true, but C & K will be in minority they seek to create. Their elite status won’t do them any good.
      Then again, perhaps they are trying to add fuel to the race war fire 0 & the dumb as a rock Dems are trying to start. Could they really be saying all this stuff to get a race war going so 0 can declare Marshall Law, so he can suspend the election?
      I find it difficult to believe even Dem libs are THAT stupid to actually want whites to be in a minority that will include them & their families.
      Then again, you never know!

  3. Gotta be a idiot if you believe this post. It was obviously edited at the end of his statement in order to hide what his statement really meant. Dumb ass.

  4. The principal value of the political left is disdain for all things white: white culture, white power, white interests, white concerns, white history, & above all white people.

    • P A T, and it’s mostly white Dems doing all that. Talk about cutting off your head to spite your face…these Dems are sooo dumb!


  5. Hillary’s VP can kiss my ass . Lets see him step down from his lofty luxury lifestyle and lead by example .

  6. If this happens, who will support the backs ? You can sure they will NOT be paying welfare to millions of us.

  7. Tim Kaine is Merkel with a package. He can take his white guilt and stuff it. We are becoming a minority, because since the time of President Johnson, the Dems and the INS have been corrupting the demographics of the US by blocking Christian Protestants from Europe and Russia, and allowing endless immigration by Spanish Catholics, Muslims, Hindu, Asians, and other non- Protestant groups in the country.

    City Protestants have lost ground by this shift, as well as the relentless efforts of lefties to sell abortion, which kills one out of every two possible white births for decades. If you genocide whites by 50%, then do not be shocked if they become a minority.

    • Jonathan, it also looks like white peeps are the only ones who fell for the BS that the world is over populated, so we need to cut back on having kids.

      Abortion is inexcusable. Women have to make the ‘choice’ to kill their children. Now that ‘choice’ is biting US in the hinder parts.

      I have been saying that the real Muslim threat is from the ‘peaceful’ ones rather that the radical terrorists. Not the the rads aren’t a big problem, they are. Any one check out Muslim Demographics?

      Soon all Europe will be Muslim dominated because the ‘peaceful’ Muslims are out breeding the indigenous people. This is a very serious, insidious attack there that is taking place HERE now.

      Again we have the ‘progressive’ Dem libs & their take down the USA policies to thank.


      • Very well said, Sam. Overpopulated or not, the damage to the soul of a woman and a man who back planned parenthood, or abortion as a form of birth control is too high a price.

        I have seen the change in people who become advocates for abortion, and the hardness of heart, and coldness of humanity is apparent and scary.

        The disruption to society of losing all these future voters, tax payers, and potential creatives and heroes is too high a cost.

        The unintended consequences of this endless flow of human baby death may be catastrophic in terms of demographic shift, and slow motion genocide.

  8. LIAR… read this decoded the christian book of arguments w/666 decoded in 9 languages and 5 alphabets afterreading this go to christiantheoriesandconcepts.com and read “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACE” now read


    This is for all of those people that celebrate Easter. This is a checkup. How much have you let the pathetic attitude so prevalent in society, change you? How much have you accepted as ” that’s just the way it is-“?
    We are constantly changing. The momentum is there. All that we need to do is steer in another direction. Find the road that is lost. 359,528 beige skinned Union soldiers died to stop this country from our own stupidity, greed and evil. They didn’t just speak up….. they died, It was called the Civil War.
    Hiding inside our own safe circle of life did not make change happen then and it won’t now. Taking a stand, stepping up and speaking out will inspire change. Tell people why we are so miserable.
    Don’t judge the people, but judge the acts and the attitude. If things continue to get worse and you have done nothing, you are equally responsible for the mess. Right now, no one has to die to make change happen. Can you guarantee that for our future? Look around. Isn’t there anyone you will love enough to want something better, for them?
    359,528 Union soldiers thought this country was worth it. At least honor their ultimate sacrifice keep us from becoming slaves to the greed hatred and violence that we see grow every day.
    Don’t hide… See…. Speak

    • Believe it or not, the soldiers in the Confederate Army were dying for our freedom as well. But you won’t hear that from the MSM.

    • C C C F, you may want to revisit what the Book says about Nimrod & the Tower of Babel. You will see where races came form there & why.


      • Dear Sam, Christ came to establish a new covenant. We are no longer held captive to human life and human decisionsof the present past,or future. He chose disciples and told them to go forth and make more disciples over and over again until the end of time. He told us to listen to his disciples and the word of God…so read…anything else would be calling Christ a liar. Are you sure you want to do that???
        Colossians 3;11
        In this new life one’s nationality or race or education or social position is unimportant: such things mean nothing. Whether a person has Christ or not is what matters and is equally available to all.

        I don’t think you intend to go against Christ, God bless

        • CCCF, ??????
          Don’t you mean by “We are no longer…” that the ‘We’ refers to those in Christ? You notice that most of the world isn’t in Christ?

          Don’t forget, the Book refers to races, even in the New Covenant. Ethiopian in the chariot, the Samaritan women, gentiles in general. Romans, Greeks & Jews are also mentioned.

          I am not sure what you are talking about. No dis.

          When we are in Christ, all distinctions vanish. Not everyone is in Christ. Besides, that doesn’t mean we are no longer Irish, Hispanic, English, German & so on.

          It means that as followers of The Way, in the Spirit, we recognize each other as on a ‘level playing field’, that no one in Christ is superior to any of their brothers & sisters. And a man has no more or a higher standing than a woman.

          Does that make more sense?


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