Congressional Testimony: If the Government Is Not Constrained By Law It Is “our revolutionary right to overthrow it”

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If you had a chance to make a difference by speaking to the US Congress, would you hold back? Or would you go all out and make what is possibly one of the best speeches ever heard on that floor? Would you go hard or would you go home?

Michael F. Cannon went hard. Really, really hard.

Cannon is the author of Healthy Competition: What’s Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It and the director of health policy studies for the Cato Institute, “a public policy research organization dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace.” (And one of the best sources of information around, in my opinion.)

He recently testified to the Congress about Obamacare. Here is just a little of what he had to say.

During a congressional committee hearing about the constitutional limits imposed on the presidency and the implications of President Barack Obama’s disregard for implementing the Affordable Care Act as written, one expert testified that the consequences of the president’s behavior were potentially grave. He said that the precedent set by Obama could eventually lead to an armed revolt against the federal government.

On Tuesday, Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s Director of Health Policy Studies, testified before a congressional committee about the dangers of the president’s legal behavior.

“There is one last thing to which the people can resort if the government does not respect the restrains that the constitution places on the government,” Cannon said. “Abraham Lincoln talked about our right to alter our government or our revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

“That is certainly something that no one wants to contemplate,” he continued. “If the people come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.”

“That is a very dangerous sort of thing for the president to do, to wantonly ignore the laws,” Cannon concluded, “to try to impose  obligation upon people that the legislature did not approve.”

Is it just me or do you hear an inspiring patriotic soundtrack playing softly in the background of this speech? It really is that good.

Cannon is not alone in his fervent belief that the current administration is overstepping all legal and political boundaries. During the Obama reign, he has led the country down the path to socialism and economic collapse. (Just take a look at Venezuela if you want to see how well socialism works.) He has been at war for longer than any president, ever. He signed the TransPacific Free Trade Agreement, the Dark Act, and the Monsanto Protection Act, all despite enormous outcry from the people. The list of transgressions against Americans could go on and on. Of course, he isn’t alone in this war on freedom. Members of congress sold out to special interest groups and allowed this stuff to go on.

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But with the misnamed “Affordable Care Act” he instituted a forcible extortion from every American and destroyed the insurance industry as it was. The price of  the monthly payments keeps going up for the middle class, and the care that is covered continues to go down. By the time families get finished paying the deductible and something is actually covered, they’re still on the hook for 40% of the bill, plus anything the policy doesn’t cover.

The rage in the United States is building as people begin to see what is really happening in Washington DC. Cannon’s words just might be prophetic.

Courtesy of Daisy Luther


  1. America is the biggest prize of all. Be prepared people…They won’t go down without shots fires. We won’t be as lucky as Brexit….

  2. This guy is totally correct…but the People aren’t what they used to be. I’m not sure enough of them even know–or care–what’s going on. Sad to say, but are there enough of us to make a difference? We can hope that the military will side with us. If not…we don’t stand much of a chance. The forefathers had weapons equal to the military’s. Today, most of us have NONE…and those who do aren’t allowed to match military might. When is it time? and who will rise?

  3. I don’t know why we keep saying “Constitutional Right”. The constitution does not give us any rights! The Constitution is a document that merely explains your rights you already have as a living human. Rights acquired from a creator- whatever that creator is to you! Therefore, written laws, EQ’s, nor congress or any man that lives can take those rights away- they are inherent. It is therefore, an act of war, for any person or authority to proclaim you haven’t that right. They are the enemy. They break the very law of nature, therefore they are the criminals.
    Laws set forth against any rights is not a law at all, just an empty piece of paper and declaration by men who declare themselves the authority to which they are not! And the ones who try and enforce these laws with no substance are their minions of whom have sold out their countrymen. They mask themselves as “peace officers” who have turned to “enforcement officers”, working for the courts, not the people. The courts who have no real authority against a living person.

  4. That is why our militia and many other free militias throughout the states are preparing. We KNOW it will happen. We are ready. Find a free militia in your state and JOIN the fight to take back America from these treasonous left wing criminals.

  5. I stand to make no claim of the United States corporation in DC as any superior authority to me or my eState. That corporation is doing precisely what it’s supposed to do.

  6. LAW as though word matter to an unlawful heart. HAD we remained a LAWFUL people, we would of never cast away Yahweh’s standards as we did.

    • Kingdom Ambassador is an anti-Constitution activist who misuses the Bible to fool Christians into thinking that God wants the U.S. Constitution replace by one man rule.

      It’s fun to watch him twist and squirm trying to fit Bible truths into his wacky theory. Unfortunately he won’t engage in a defense of his invention, but rather attacks those who call him out on his misuse of the Bible.

    • Kingdom Ambassador is against any code of law that exalts itself above God’s perfect law (Psalms 19:7). Kingdom Ambassador believes the Bible should be the standard by which any rule, law, policy, etc. should be measured.

      • But Kingdom Ambassador goes further and accuses the U.S. Constitution of being “biblically seditious”, whatever that means to him.

        He repeatedly claims that because the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land with regards to the states it also was intended to be supreme over the Bible. That’s a whopper of a stretch but he repeats it over and over.

        He insinuates that God wants a theocracy imposed on the United States, but totally ignores that God’s theocracy was led by a prophet, Moses. So, Ted, where is God’s modern prophet with the authority to begin the U.S. theocracy?

        Don’t begin a theocracy without one.

    • Ugh…I clicked and found that this is just some antisemitic propaganda. The FIRST line of the page is about Jews. Not really about the Constitution or American politics at all…

      • well I guessed you don’t mind being completely enslaved by them…they have taken over everything,any moron can see that

      • For something to be anti-Semitic you have to first provide a Semite, or “Shemite”. Modern Ashkenazi “Jews” are the Khazarian people. They are not the Biblical descendants of Judah so they are not “Jews” by race. They are only “Jews” by religion. The Khazarian people are not descended from Shem, but from Shem’s brother Japheth.

        Since they are not descended from the Biblical Shem, and are not Semites, the correct term would be something like anti-Japhethic not “anti-Semitic”. Do some research on who these “Jews” really are. “Propaganda”, indeed. . .

    • Grundune is a Mormon who rejects Christ and the Word of God (per John 1:1-3, 14, 1 Timothy 3:16, 2 John 1:7-11) and whose “Doctrine and Covenants” demand he defend the Constitution as divinely inspired (D&C 101:80, etc.). He
      knows if the Constitution is exposed for the biblically seditious document it
      is, that the entire Mormon house of cards comes tumbling down.

  7. Make serious preparations for Civil War now, Coming to a location near you after the Rigged Election.

    • “subverting the 2016 US presidential election”


      Though many independent journalists in the US have begun reporting on how these technology giants are now colluding with the Obama-Clinton regime to destroy Donald Trump, and called by some as “the left’s greatest weapon in peoples hands right now”, this alarming SVR report shockingly details what how it is being done with over 500 pages of examples, some of which include:

      From Google:

      1.) Their disabling of advertisements on all websites critical of the Obama-Clinton regime, including the globally popular, in order to destroy them.

      2.) Deleting Donald Trump from the search list of candidates running for the US presidency.

      3.) Developing and employing a filter so that the name Donald Trump won’t even show up on anyone’s computer device or smart phone.

      4.) Hiding in their search results information relating to Hillary Clinton’s health and the massive numbers of suspicions deaths associated with her.

      5.) Being supported in their hiding Hillary Clinton health information by the New York Times, with one of their insiders admitting what they’re doing

      From Facebook:

      1.) Banning all pro-Donald Trump news from being seen, while allowing only pro-Hillary Clinton news.

      2.) Banning all users supporting Donald Trump’s immigration polices, and anyone daring to tell the public what they’re doing.

      3.) Deleting thousands pages critical of Hillary Clinton.

      4.) Censoring videos showing Hillary Clinton’s support of the TPP trade deal hated by the American people.

      5.) Censoring Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton emails.

      From Twitter:

      1.) Censoring of Wikileaks email release relating to Hillary Clinton.

      2.) Censoring information critical of Hillary Clinton.

      3.) Censoring and blocking information related to Donald Trump fundraising.

      4.) Deleting accounts of homosexual activists supporting Donald Trump.

      White House Emails Reveal Largest Plot Ever Discovered To Destroy America

    • American citizens are on the globalist menu as are the Europeans, Russians and Chinese.

      Hey federal employees, the globalists can’t create their NWO without you.


      Time to Decide Federal Employees: Are You a Traitor or a Patriot … 2014/ 05/ 10/ time-to-decide-federal-employees-are-you-a-traitor-or-a-patriot/

      May 10, 2014

    • The international elite globalists include the USA’s 5th column (RINOs and ALL democrats), they manufactured the chaos that is now in Europe and the middle east and they are successfully importing it into the USA.

      McCain, Boehner, McConnell, Clinton, Kerry, Graham, Bush, Ryan and Rubio answer only to this ‘boss’:

      Obama and Rockefeller 1

      Obama and Rockefeller 2

      … and Hillary:

      When listening to this short speech below, put it in context with her emails (did she say ‘inbox’?) and the fact that our foreign enemies also, with “100 percent certainty”, hacked into her and her aid’s top secret emails.

      Hillary Clinton ADMITS CFR Runs the Government!

      This explains it all, the GOP RINOs haven’t been ‘caving on everything’ as Sean Hannity and Rush keep saying, the GOP RINOs are COMPLICIT.

      …and their MSM shills:


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  9. Cannon is not alone. I concur what is stated in our American Constitution, that if
    the American people are not satisfied with the current administration, then it is time
    to get rid of this Communist/Muslim administration, to include the worthless Black turd
    of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, Hillary Rotten Clinton and their girlfriend,
    George Soros, the global community organizer from Hades. This worthless turd should
    have been gotten rid in his first term, but uniformed and uneducated Americans believed
    it cool to elect/select the first Black POTUS, and we adult Americans are well aware
    of what we have received with this Black turd in command: this Black turd is nothing
    more that a surrogate of Communism, Anarchism, Marxism, Socialism, Criminalism, and
    Islam, which is not conducive to our American values. It has been proven that each
    time, without fail, that when a Black has been awarded the power to govern, his con-
    stituents normally suffer under his dictatorship, using the United States and the
    countries of Africa as prime examples of my words of wisdom. And currently, Hillary
    Rotten Clinton is attempting to fill the void with another FIRST, to become the first
    female POTUS. But, because HRC’s negative reputation has followed her for over
    40 years in politics, she does not deserve to be elected/selected, primarily because
    she in nothing more than an extention of this Black turd’s reign of terror. Therefore,
    we Americans are quite aware of what we will maintain if HRC is elected POTUS,
    but on the other hand, Donald Trump promises a breath of fresh air and a chance to
    “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” No Hillary Rotten Clinton, America is not great,
    as you have lied, primarily because of this Black turd’s direction to destroy the
    U.S. economy and capitalism as we know it. Therefore, my fellow Americans, give
    Trump to show what he can do. You gave this Black turd a chance, therefore, give
    Trump the same chance. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


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