Washington Post says any damaging revelations about Hillary will be the work of Russian disinformation agents


The establishment is already trying to spin the narrative that any damaging revelations about Hillary Clinton that come in the form of an “October surprise,” including information about her ill health, will be the work of Russian disinformation agents working on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

The Washington Post reports that the much anticipated “October surprise” could take the form of new revelations about Hillary Clinton’s ill health. However, the pro-Hillary publication asserts that any such information will almost certainly be doctored and leaked by the Russian government.

The Post’s Dana Milbank asks, “Are Vladimir Putin’s operatives planning to dump edited DNC documents on the eve of the presidential election?” before going on to suggest that this contrived October surprise could “show that (Hillary) really did lose most of her brain function in that fall several years ago.”

“Perhaps they’ll show that the Clinton Foundation has been funding the Islamic State, or they’ll have Hillary Clinton admitting that she didn’t care about those Americans who died in Benghazi after all,” he adds, claiming that any such damaging leaks will be the outcome of Russian “dezinformatsiya” campaigns.

“The hyper-competitive American media environment is vulnerable to the sort of technique the Russian hackers used in the Soros case — stealing documents, altering them, then releasing them as the original. If Putin’s hackers were to release such a doctored document smearing Clinton in, say, late October, it’s likely that competition would lead outlets to report on the hacked documents before they had a chance to see whether and how they were altered,” writes Milbank.

The October surprise is almost certainly going to come from Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, who has repeatedly challenged those who accuse him of using Russian sources to provide proof.

By trying to entrench the narrative that any and all negative leaks about Hillary are based on fake documents released by a hostile foreign government, the establishment is trying to discredit the October surprise weeks before it even emerges.

Dana Milbank was once described as “extravagantly contrarian,” yet almost all of his recent articles for the Washington Post have been hit pieces on Trump – hardly a break from the mainstream media norm.

Milbank is clearly in the can for Hillary.

While the left characterizes virtually all criticism of Hillary Clinton as trafficking in “conspiracy theories,” it has developed a deep-seated obsession with Russophobia, claiming that behind every single leaked email or hack is the shadowy figure of Vladimir Putin.

This culminated last week in Hillary’s bizarre ‘Alt-Right’ speech during which she absurdly implied that the Russian president controlled elements of the conservative movement in the United States.

Whatever form the “October surprise” takes, it should be judged on its individual merits, but the Clinton mouthpiece media has already settled on a strategy of tying any and all damaging information about Hillary into its vast, sprawling and gargantuan conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin is the evil genius behind Hillary’s downfall.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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