Muslim refugees destroy
In his subscriber-only post of Sept. 5, 2016, “Anti-migrant forces gain political steam in Europe (and America),” independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen writes:

Europe’s populist anti-migrant leaders are backing U.S. Republican Party nominee Donald Trump against his rival Hillary Clinton, who favors a 555 percent increase in Syrian Muslim refugees allowed into the United States. Trump’s underlying theme of protecting American society against Islamists, jihadists, and terrorists has struck the same chord among America’s middle class as have similar calls in Europe to defend Western civilization against a radical Sunni Muslim culture of rape, pedophilia, sectarian violence, and unsanitary behavior in public places. Anti-migrant European political leaders, such as former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage and Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, were guests of honor at Trump’s GOP convention in Cleveland.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has become desperate for Muslim votes in the United States. The Clinton campaign has spurred voter registration drives among Bosnian Muslims in St. Louis, many of whom entered the country during Bill Clinton’s war against Christian Serbia in the Balkans Wars, in order to flip Missouri to the Democrats. Clinton surrogates are also pushing for increased registration among Albanian and Kosovo Muslim blocs in Michigan and Florida to supplement Clinton’s sizable support among Muslim Arabs in eastern Michigan and the Jacksonville area of Florida.

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Trump, on the other hand, can rely on political support from those of Lebanese Christian descent in New Hampshire; Greek descent in western Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Virginia, and North Carolina; Serbian descent in Cleveland and its suburbs in Ohio; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and the greater Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania; and Armenian descent in California that know, all-too-well, the dangers posed by Muslim radicals. The Lebanese Christian and Greek communities in New Hampshire are powerful political forces that could tip the state to Trump when the danger of Mrs. Clinton’s close ties to her Muslim Brotherhood-linked aide Huma Abedin is fully made known to the public.

For electorates in the United States and Europe, voting for leaders who will defend Western civilization against an influx of actual and potential terrorists is the most existential decision they will ever make.

Meanwhile, in Europe, a Visegrad group of four central European nations — Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary — are standing firm against calls by the EU for them to take in Muslim migrants from refugee camps in Greece and other countries:

  1. Czechia President Milos Zeman said that Muslim migrants are “impossible” to integrate into his country, while Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka rejects the EU’s refugee quota system.
  2. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said the EU’s policy of forcing members to accept quotas of Muslim migrants amounts to “ritual suicide.”
  3. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called the Muslim migrants a “poison” in Europe and refused to accept any migrants into his country.
  4. Poland’s ruling Civic Platform government refuses to accept any Muslim migrants, although it did agree to take in some 300 Syrian Christian refugees because it does not consider them to be a threat to Poland’s security. Poland has rejected calls from the hypocritical Pope Francis — whose Vatican City has accepted only one Syrian immigrant family of 4 (who are Christians) — to accept a large number of Muslim migrants.


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds