In what is no surprise to us, Google has come out with a program to “counter ISIS propaganda” by censoring website and gathering personal data and redirecting people who search for Islamic terrorist material to “anti-radicalism sites”:

A pilot project launched by Google’s startup incubator and a British IT company will target potential Islamic State recruits – and also the American far right – with new software that pairs violence-related search entries with anti-extremism ads.
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has made extensive use of online and social media platforms to spread its vision of radical Islam or lure recruits to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq.

Now the world’s largest search engine has announced an unconventional project that aims to help counter extremists’ propaganda messages and de-radicalize those in danger of falling under their influence.

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Jigsaw, a technology incubator run by Google, has teamed up with London-based startup Moonshot CVE to design technology capable of redirecting a potential Islamist browsing for IS-related words and phrases to creative anti-extremist messages or videos.

The Jigsaw project to date includes 30 ad campaigns and 95 unique ads in English and Arabic, but the de-radicalization effort will not be limited to Islamic State.

In a second phase – set to begin later this year – Moonshot CVE and US-based company Gen Next are planning to deploy the same technology to blunt far-right messages in North America.

“The interesting thing about how they behave is they’re a little bit more brazen online these days than ISIS fan boys,” Ross Frenett, co-founder of Moonshot, told the Intercept.

“In the UK, if someone in their Facebook profile picture has a swastika and is pointing a gun at the camera, that person is committing a crime. In the US, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

While the project team admits that it is difficult to evaluate the qualitative results so far, it insists it could be a powerful anti-extremism tool in future. (source)

Yeah, right. The only thing this will be used for is a tool against non-Muslim westerners.

Don’t believe it? Let’s look at the basic facts.

First, Google began as and still is a CIA-funded project. This is common knowledge that has been around for YEARS. A simple search (even on yes, Google) of “google cia funding” will tell the same story over and over. Basically, they are owned by the CIA and as such do whatever the government tells them to do. When the CIA tells Google “Jump!,” Google responds “How high?”

Second, ISIS is CIA funded along with the Saudi Arabian government. Again, this is pubic knowledge proven easily through public source documents and is something we have reported on here at for a long time. Likewise, ISIS basically does what the CIA tells them to do (for the most part), which is essentially keeping oil lines open and in American control to run our economy and way of life.

Third, the western government have been promoting Islam for years. Whether it is the American, the British, or the Germans, the Muslim invasion of the West and the permitting and even promotion of Islamic terrorism exists to serve the ends of certain very powerful government, business, and financial interests who are willing to destroy entire cultures and peoples all to acquire more power for themselves, and is something we have discussed here as well.

Fourth, the Western and many world governments have made it no secret they want to control and censor the Internet so they can stop people from talking about things they don’t like, most importantly criticism of Islam. We at have experienced this directly on Facebook concerning articles related to the Muslim invasion of the country (soon to be formerly known as) Germany. Now the UK is saying they want to do the same to critics of Islam, and even have people who say anything not pro-Muslim arrested.

All of these four points are well-established and sourced. Look into them further if you do not believe us.

How interesting it is, therefore, that the the CIA-funded Google is creating a company to stop the CIA-funded ISIS by censoring ISIS propaganda that was bought and paid for by the same CIA dollars, all coming at a time when the US is surrendering control over the internet to an unspecified “international body” and there is open calls from the left to censor “right wing propaganda.”

This is not at all about stopping Islamic terrorism. This is about stopping people who talk about the reality of Islamic terrorism and try to stop it- people like us here at

If you read the disclaimers we place beneath each article, we have been saying for a long while that our time runs short on Facebook and possibly other internet platforms. The future is unknown, but we know this much- people who actually care about trying to help Christians being persecuted by Muslims, people who talk about the reality of Islamic terrorism are going to eventually be ostracized, scorned, and considered social pariahs more than they already are. If the people do not fall victim to the propaganda that is going to come from this and the other programs, then the governments will force their will onto the people.

Ultimately there is no good ending in this project or giving any support to Islam. For the few useful fools who actually believe in this, the project will not stop terrorism, since this is essentially (to use Jesus’ own example) the devil trying to cast himself out of his own place. Censoring critics of Islam will only further destroy society, and if the Muslims to take over or become a majority, they will inevitably turn on the same people who gave them power. There can be no winner here because it is playing cards with the devil and he always cheats, just like his Mohammedan devotees.

Islam will never be at peace wherever it goes because it must take over. Either Islam belongs in the West and as such will be forever at war trying to take over the West, or it does not belong and it and its followers must be removed. Anything else is just promoting Islam.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.

Article by Andrew Bieszad.

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