Gary Byrne says Hillary had another seizure and her campaign is covering it up


The man who protected Bill and Hillary Clinton for 12 years says there is “something seriously wrong” with Hillary and that her bizarre collapse in New York on Sunday was likely a seizure and not “dehydration” as her campaign claimed.

Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne, who protected the Clintons between 1991 and 2003, wrote a lengthy article in which he claimed that the explanation that Hillary was merely suffering from “overheating” was “highly suspect”.

“Through the lens of my 29-year-career in The Service, I can see what a naked-eyed media pundit cannot: There is something seriously wrong with Mrs. Clinton,” asserts Byrne, noting that the now infamous video of her clearly shows a woman who cannot stand on her own.

“She awkwardly leans on the ballard and stares straight ahead with her neck craned and extended up as her body is supported at the side and rear by her staffers.”

“The agent who opened the door moves to take the place of the staffer and take Mrs. Clinton’s arm, but as they switch control, she nearly falls completely. The bald agent, who I believe is the shift leader, knows what is going on with Mrs. Clinton and – this oddity is very telling.”

“As Mrs. Clinton jerks back and forth and her legs fold, the bald agent takes her right arm. The staffer also tries to also grab underneath Mrs. Clinton’s armpits to lift Mrs. Clinton.”

“Close examination of Mrs. Clinton’s legs reveal her feet and legs have extended and are not holding her weight at all. The toes of her right foot drag and skid on the pavement. As they lift and push her forward, her legs don’t keep up and she falls forward again.”

Byrne remarks on how all the agents immediately rushed to hide Clinton from public view once she collapsed and how her bizarre movements are more indicative of a seizure than anything to do with allergies or overheating.

“When I worked at the White House, a man exhibited the same exact behavior as he froze inside a medical detector. On his full time nurse’s request, I held him under the armpits and stood by him until his seizure passed,” notes Byrne.

Byrne believes Clinton’s “irate behavior” and “uncontrollable fits of anger” have taken a toll on her health.

The Clinton campaign’s explanation that Hillary merely felt dehydrated after being treated for pneumonia was met with skepticism by many quarters of the media, with questions swirling as to why that news was kept hidden for several days.

In addition, as we reported earlier, a photo taken shortly before Hillary collapsed appears to show a nurse administering a neurological test on Hillary.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison