Is this like the movie Dave?


A growing conspiracy surrounding Hillary’s epic fall on 9/11/16 is that she actually died and they are holding off announcement until the last possible moment that they have to for political purposes.

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An interesting theory… Lets look at the evidence, shall we?

It’s been pointed out that the entire set up around what happened on 9/11 at the memorial on the anniversary at Ground Zero looks as if Hillary is meant to seem as sick as possible… a weird move for a presidential candidate who is battling rumors about her poor health.

She’s wearing striking blue sunglasses that many have pointed out are worn by people with Parkinson’s Disease for treatment of dyskinesia tremors.


It’s a well-known fact that’s what blue lenses like that are for. She also wore hardly any makeup, which is strange considering how much Hillary normally wears at such widely publicized events like this one.

Next you have her “date” for the day:

The woman she’s walking with is not, contrary to popular belief, her personal nurse but it’s obvious by looking at how the woman was clutching Hillary’s arm with both hands which is why people thought that. She’s holding Hillary like a light breeze might knock her down. The woman is a PR firm bigwig and former Hillary aide:

Christine Falvo was a senior adviser at Foggy Bottom from July 2009 until January 2010, when Hillary was secretary of state, and also served as a special assistant to the Democratic nominee from 2001 to 2007, when Clinton was New York’s junior senator.

As a public relations person, it’s strange that Falvo would clutch Hillary like she’s a sick, frail old woman… if the campaign wanted to give the impression Hillary is healthy, that is. Of course, if they wanted to make sure she looked as sick as possible, then it makes more sense. (That, or Hillary really is frail enough that a light breeze might knock her down…) The fall itself was captured perfectly without anyone attempting to block the view by a man who just so happened to be standing super close to Hillary throughout the event as well, nearly so close he could reach out and touch her.

With as many secret service, aides, and handlers as this woman normally has, we all know by now that no one would get that close to Hillary at this point with camera equipment like that without clearance.

After the fall, she wasn’t rushed to a hospital or clinic as most people would be. She was rushed to Chelsea’s apartment which is the same address as a former NY medical facility listed here.


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As pointed out, if Hillary would have a private email server, there’s absolutely every reason to think she’d also have private health care, especially if she’s had such a long bout of disease and illness as many have claimed. She’d definitely want it off the books. What better excuse to go get secret, private medical treatment than to nonchalantly say, “I’m off to visit my daughter,” and be able to receive it away from the prying eyes of the public?

Everyone saw Hillary emerge out of Chelsea’s apartment like a magician popping out of a box talking about how “great” she feels (with pneumonia after passing out and being stuffed into a van).


She had makeup on and looked like she suddenly lost weight. She seemed more agile than she’s appeared on the campaign trail in months. Whatever happens in Chelsea’s apartment, it’s apparently amazing.

But… the body language is completely off when she throws her arms up at the media. Doesn’t look like Hillary. It’s too friendly. And she’s carrying her own purse for a change but on the wrong arm. (Why, especially after being so sick would she decide right then would be a good time to start carrying her own stuff?) Where is all of her security all of a sudden?

Lots of things about the moment she comes out of Chelsea’s after this fall are just off, especially when we are later told she has pneumonia. Does this look like someone with pneumonia to you?

Lots of people believe it was a Hillary double, so many in fact that the mainstream media has been forced to report on what a silly “conspiracy theory” body doubles are, as if world leaders aren’t known to use them sometimes.


This conspiracy has gone so far as to spread around the globe; even The Times of India is even reporting on it.

As mentioned, since the fall, Hillary’s camp came out saying she had pneumonia. If she had pneumonia, which is typically contagious, why the photo op with the little girl outside Chelsea’s? Would she go over to Chelsea’s and play with her grandchildren in the first place?

Oh, but Hillary’s doctor then released a letter saying Hillary is fine other than a case of “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia”.

So its “bacterial” but “non-contagious”…? Some doctors would beg to differ if such a thing even exists.

Dr. Wolf also goes on to point out that Hillary’s doctor performed a test on her that does not exist.

Not only that, the report is glowing. Even Hillary’s cholesterol is good. It just doesn’t match the candidate everyone has seen on the campaign trail being helped up the stairs and held up at events for months now.

If she’s that healthy, why does she need this much help?

Hillary-being-helped-up-the-stairs hillary-propped-up-by-man-in-l-a-april-2016

And Hillary’s doctor claims Hillary “is in excellent mental condition”… of course.

Bill Clinton pops up on Charlie Rose Monday to clear it all up, but he is obviously being less than truthful about Hillary’s health:

First, notice when Rose asks, “Is that what happened? She just got dehydrated. Because when you look at that collapse, that video that was taken, you wonder if it’s not more serious than dehydration.”


Clinton responds, “Well, if it is then it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors…”rubbing his eye while he says it, which is textbook dishonest body language suggesting it’s no mystery to Bill or her doctors at all.

Then Clinton goes on to say:

Frequently — well, not frequently, rarely, on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing’s happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, and she’s worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of State, as a senator and in the year since.”

Well, which one is it? He answers “frequently,” then immediately changes his answer to “rarely” which is the opposite of frequently and thus, looks like a total lie. CBS later edited Clinton’s “frequently” remark out so it would appear as if Bill started the sentence with “rarely” which completely changes things.

Hillary, who has not been physically seen in public since 9/11 just by the way, also called up Anderson Cooper and did a phone interview on 9/12. The video below was being shared around on social media last night comparing that interview with a clip of Hillary talking to Anderson just a few weeks prior. Listen for yourself below. Does that voice sound like Hillary, or does the voice that talked to Anderson on Monday sound more like someone doing an impression of Hillary?

Or compare it to the voice in the video above of the woman who came out of Chelsea’s apartment after the fainting episode. It still sounds off.

To make matters that much more eerie, then you have not one but two mainstream media reports go out saying Hillary is dead, only to quickly get pulled afterward.


Was someone testing the waters to gauge public reaction or what? How does something like this “accidentally” happen anyway? It’s pretty specific for a story sent out by “accident” isn’t it?


These are just some of the reasons people have been saying Hillary is dead. It’s kind of like the Paul McCartney Is Dead/Beatles conspiracy theory. What happens next if that’s the case leaves the door open for lots of scary propositions, and this has already taken up enough of your time.

Very few people know what’s actually going on right now, as no one has seen Hillary in days, and the country has been on a “need-to-know” basis since World War II. The first debate is coming up very soon. At least with the blatantly public health issues, no one will question Hillary if she decides to sit during the debate instead of stand as she has been reportedly asking to do before all of this happened…

At the very least, half the country believes Hillary is lying about her health. Was the public fainting/pneumonia event a cover to misdirect people on how bad her health might truly be or what’s really wrong with her?

Or… is she dead, replaced by a double until the system can figure out how they want to handle this one? (Again, scary thought.)

Sure, it sounds insane to even have this conversation, but then again, Hillary’s entire campaign and public persona has been built upon a mountain of lies. The whole election season is such a cartoon at this point, we might as well treat it like one and say what everyone is really thinking here. Hardly anyone is buying the official story on this and why should they? Something else is going on with her. But… what?

Remember, this all went down at Ground Zero on the 15th anniversary of one of the biggest false flags ever to occur on American soil, so there’s no reason anyone should take anything we saw there at face value…

Just like the first time.


Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.